Sticks and stones…..

There are times when you get another assignment and then He gives you the right saying or has someone send you the right quote. Those times are sure interesting.

I received this quote in part of an email this morning from some good friends. Someone had said this to them:

“If she wasn’t aware of these things, then she wouldn’t be held accountable for the knowledge.”

You might be amazed how many people have told me that if you don’t know about evil and how it works it can’t bother you because you aren’t accountable. This comes from adults! Well, they may be adults in body, but maybe not so much in the mind. Wow, it doesn’t exist in my mind, so it can’t bother me. What a beautiful concept! Let me know when you find a world that has that program on it and I will ask for a transfer.

My sweetheart and I have the blessing of having six beautiful granddaughters and their parents living with us. The other day a son and his family came to visit. It does get noisy with all those children playing together. After they had gone home the five year old went up to her mother and asked for permission to “say a bad word.”

“Why do you want to say a bad word,” her mother asked.

She informed her mother that her little three-year-old cousin had called her a bad word. So mom asked her what it was.

She told her mother that her three year old cousin had told her she was “stupid.”

Yes, I know, some of you five readers will tell me they are just being children. My mind questioned where does a three year old learn such things? From older brothers, daycare, or church? Nevertheless, her mother told her that her cousin didn’t understand what she was saying and she should just forget about it.

She did ask her daughter if it had made her sad when her cousin said that to her. When she had approached her mother to ask the question her body language indicated that she was quite sad.

“Yes,” she said and ran off to play some more.

The next two days she was not herself and was quite a handful. She was contrary and mean, which was not like her.

Her mother mentioned it to me and I suggested she might want to cast off the entities that had attached to her.

“What?” she asked. Then she told me about the encounter between the cousins and said that it made sense.

Since I had my sighted friend captive yesterday heading north to help some people out, I asked her about what happened spiritually in the encounter. Below is a paraphrase of what she said:

“When the three-year-old told her cousin she was stupid, the countenance of the cousin fell as she believed what had been said. That allowed the entity that was on the three-year-old to slide over to her. It has been helping her be mean the past few days. A good cleansing would help.”

Her mother discussed all of this with her. The five-year-old came into my room last night and asked for a “blessing.”

As I write this it is wonderful to hear her play out in the living room with her younger sister. She is back to normal.

She knows her letters and such, but can’t really read. She is not aware of evil and how it works, yet she experienced what it can do, even to a child.

I guess I look at it the other way. If you don’t know your enemy, how will you ever be able to defeat him? I’m sure if we had just ignored Hitler when he was reigning with blood and horror he would not have been able to hurt the USA or any of us. We would not have been affected in any way by him, if we would have just kept ignoring him. I’m sure he would have left us alone, wouldn’t he? Kind of like he left Poland, England, France and numerous other counties alone.

Evil attacks and destroys. If you are of any kind of light, you are on its list, no matter the age.

What could have happened would have been the instant my daughter saw her daughter was behaving differently, was to go ask in prayer what was up. Ask Father what was wrong with her daughter. Ask if the adversary was involved in what was going on and when informed, take care of it.

The Savior allows our agency here, even with little ones. I wonder what happens to many of your children and grandchildren when they go to school, play with other children at home and church? Do words affect them? How about social media. What is it like when dozens of other children or teenagers put their sights on one of your children and crucify them on social media? Do you think it affects them?

I wonder who came up with the saying about stick and stones. They do hurt, and so do words. Words not only hurt, they can destroy.

Might be important to understand what evil can do and how it does it. Our children are our stewardship until they leave the nest. The young ones need protection and help. My five-year-old granddaughter is really smart, but she does not have wisdom yet. So what was said to her hurt her. One day she will get wisdom and not allow a cousins words to affect her in that way. Until then, it requires parents with wisdom and understanding to help her out. I got the best part of the deal. I was able to hold my sweet granddaughter while I did a casting out. She gave me a big hug in return. Now that is real “payment.”

It is interesting that even a child can be affected by evil.

We need to be looking to Him, our Lord Jesus Christ more now than ever before.