Swimming in the cesspool of life?

If you attended a swimming meet, what would you see or experience?

Water, Moms and Dads, swimmers, brothers, sisters, and coaches? The thrill of victory for your child or the agony of defeat?

If you were an empath what would you see or experience?

All of the above? What if you were an eleven-year-old empath? Would you just be swimming in the water, or would you also be swimming in everyone’s emotions? Would you then have two swim meets going on simultaneously?

Two of our granddaughters competed in a swim meet yesterday. The eleven-year-old is an empath. We have written about her before on this blog.

I asked both of them if they had a good time and they excitedly said that yes, they did. I was excited for them, they are grand kids. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself with that one.)

Today I noticed the empath was “expressing” herself. A lot. The noise and back and forth finally escalated with her six-year-old sister that I went and shut the door. The volume finally got to the point that I went outside my room and told her that the energy was way off and they needed to cool it.

Then I mentioned that she might want to ask her Dad for help getting cleared. Her look told me that she really didn’t know she was covered with the emotions of the many that had attended the swim event the day before. I reminded her that she had gone to a swim meet where there were all kinds of emotions. Being an empath she had taken on a lot of them and was now “messed up.”

The light went on in her head and she agreed. Imagine being able to feel all the emotions of an event like that. Swimmers feeling fright, anxiety and whatever you feel before a race. Moms and Dads wanting their child to “win” and yelling constantly. Coaches yelling continually every time a swimmer comes up for air. I’ve attended these events and all of this and more is present. She really was in two different swim meets. The emotional one was by far harder than the physical race. It ends and you are done. The empath keeps the emotions she takes on unless she shielded beforehand or gets helps clearing all of it off afterward.

I saw Mom and Dad a few minutes later and mentioned it to them. Apparently she had not shielded or been reminded to shield properly for the event. People get caught up in the minutia of life and forget. You get six girls ready early in the morning for a 90 minute drive to a swim meet and tell me how your morning went.

Mom said, “So in addition to swimming in the meet she went swimming in a sea of emotions.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

There are probably several of you five readers that have children or grandchildren that are empaths and have no idea. Might be a good idea to figure it out and if so, educate them and if you are the parent, especially yourself.

They need the help. They need the protection of their parents, especially you, Dad.

She seems better now. Dad must have laid hands on and cast the emotional baggage she picked up off.

It’s not “Hurrah for Zion.” It’s “Hurrah for Jesus Christ!” He was the ultimate empath.

Empaths are needed in this world. I believe what they offer is vital and much needed. Not because so many of them are messed up because they don’t understand who and what they are and can do. But because this ability is vital to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. If it wasn’t, why would He, the Giver of gifts, have given so many this gift?

Wow, figure that one out why don’t you?

Have a great rest of the Sabbath. I know I am.