Temple recommend

I just can’t resist this one.

The sad thing is how many actually believe these things.

A close friend was in fast and testimony meeting the other Sunday. A good brother stood up and gave his testimony. In it, he declared how when he had gone to the temple he had experienced some dark entities there and had cast them out. Pretty cool stuff, I’d say.

At the end of the meeting his Bishop got up to make sure everyone knew that the good brother had taught false doctrine.

He declared to his ward that what the brother had taught was false. He said there can’t be demons or dark entities in the Temple.

I know, you want to know how that is possible, like I did when I was told this experience.

The Bishop said, “Dark entities can’t get in the temple because they don’t have a temple recommend.”

There will be a sixty second pause while you five readers recover from laughing so hard. Especially if some of you have worked the recommend desk. (And yes, we have lost another “subscriber” so we are down to five of you. May she rest in peace.)

This makes me remember the first time I went to the Salt Lake Temple to take out my own endowments. I went into the locker room and saw there were lockers that actually locked with keys. I was incredulous. Why in the world would they need lockers that locked in the temple? Call me naïve.

I have also been told in the past that dark entities can’t enter through the temple doors since the building has been dedicated. I asked the person that told me if there was some magic spiritual shower at each door that wiped the negative entities off of everyone as they entered the building? They just stared at me, in anger, I do believe.

There is no magical shower or anything else that will take the entities off of a person. If we are possessed or have them on us as we enter a temple, they come in with us. Our Savior Jesus Christ would not take our agency away like that. Natural law would not allow it. That is Satan’s program, isn’t it? He took agency away and look where it got him.

Though I must admit, I would give a lot to see a bishop interview a demon for a temple recommend. With all the possessed mortals running around, that has probably happened many times.

This reminds me of when we drove south quite early one day years ago to attend a friend’s funeral. My wife, sighted daughter, and her daughter were in the car with me.

As we drove by the Manti Temple my granddaughter said, “Grandpa, there are monsters in there,” while pointing at the temple. She was sighted and “monsters” were her name for dark evil entities. My sighted daughter said, “Sorry, Dad.”

I guess she didn’t want my granddaughter to burst my bubble. It wasn’t. I’d seen the locking lockers, remember.

One last thing. After the meeting, my friend went up this man that had been “corrected” by his bishop to see how he was. Yes, he was crushed. He knew what he had felt or seen and done. He was right in what he did, even if those dark entities somehow had gotten recommends…….

Have a great Sabbath!