While doing a clearing on a man, my witty nature took over. I say this in total jest. Yes, there are times when I like to joke and have fun. There have been times when it was not appropriate to crack a joke or try for humor, yet I did so anyway.

In a past blog I wrote about having an actual hairball manifest in front of my face and go straight into my mouth.

Remember the natural law that talks about how all causes have effects. It can be a real bummer when it is you that is the cause and then you get to experience the effect.

Anyway, back to the clearing. As I’ve stated before, there is usually always some angst doing a clearing. I always want to get it right, as does my sighted friend. It is an ordinance, therefore it is quite serious.

Serious? Not just because it is an ordinance. Doing an ordinance means you are representing Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. How serious does that make it? You tell me.

We were going along clearing this man and it was going well. My Savior was allowing me to see things, my friend that was helping was also seeing that of a dark nature in the man.

Then for some strange reason I got the really stupid idea of saying something was in him that really wasn’t there, but making it a joke. So I looked at my sighted friend and said that this man had such and such in him and then said I was just kidding.

Now that I write that out, it looks even more stupid then when I said it.

Instantly, I knew what I had said wasn’t going to bode well for me. I told the man I was sorry for joking around.

My sighted friend suggested that I repent immediately.

This I knew. I had already started my repentance, asking Him to please forgive me.

Let’s go over what happened on a spiritual level during this sequence of events.

I said the supposed joke. Because one—it was an ordinance, two—I was representing the Lord Jesus Christ, and three—I was light minded while doing the first two, the Lord Jesus Christ allowed Natural Law to come into effect.

What does that mean?

We shared the post where we talked about when we follow man or flesh, tendrils come up out of hell and attach to your legs a short while ago. That is what my sighted friend saw as soon as I said the supposed joke. That is why she suggested I might want to repent.

When I repented and the Savior accepted it, the tendrils disengaged from my feet and went back down into hell. This happened quite fast. The repentance was real and from the heart.

The interesting part is my sighted friend said the tendrils were screaming and yelling because of their anger at having to go back down to hell.

I guess dark evil tendrils from hell don’t like repentance, having to disengage and then having to go back home.

I told my sighted friend that the Lord Jesus Christ lets me write about all my gaffs and stupid things I do. Part of the job I guess. Actually it seems to be a requirement.

Hopefully, you won’t make my mistakes. Ordinances are serious. Being light minded isn’t a good idea. When representing Him, it gets really serious.

My Lord Jesus Christ is full of grace. That is why He will allow one like me that is so full of faults and foibles to help in His work. He is full of patience. That is why He allows me to do His work. He is quick to forgive. For this I am eternally grateful. It means that even someone like me has a chance.

All honor, praise and glory be to Him, for His love, guidance, and especially patience with young Padawans.