Things that crack me up at night…..continued

Okay, I admit it, there are other things that still crack me up at night.

There are people that believe that when you talk about entities it gives them power. When in reality what gives them the ability to have power over you or me is when we are blindly ignorant of them and their workings and the laws that they operate under. Then we go into fear or sin and voila! We instantly have new found “friends” accompanying us. It wasn’t talking about them that gave them power, it was our dark actions or dark thoughts that did so. Some have used the analogy that if you don’t know how they operate it’s like going into a fight blindfolded. I kind of liked this and do believe it has merit. Though I did know a man, that has since transitioned, that took it to a new level.

What if we know our enemy so well that we can anticipate what they might do? This man I mentioned was completely blind, no light of any kind came through. But he could traverse through a parking lot and enter the door of a building without hitting into anything. We put him in a room and had many people stand up, scattered throughout the room. He went, weaving through them, from one side of the room to the other. He could see their energy with his third eye or spiritual sight and therefore could avoid any collisions. Can we become the same with our own spiritual sight and therefore are able to know what the adversary or his minions have planned for us? This man was a black belt in several disciplines. If you were to engage him in a “fight” and you went to throw a punch at him, he would block your punch. How is that possible you ask? He could see where your energy was going to whatever part of your body you were preparing to use. If you had decided to throw a punch with your right hand he could see your energy going to that hand. He saw your INTENT and was able to block what you had planned to throw at him.

What if we were so in tune with the will of our Lord Jesus Christ that we had the same spiritual ability? Would the Savior tell us in advance what was coming? Well, maybe not so much in advance, but how about being so familiar with the tactics of their warfare upon us that when something is tried, we instantly recognize it and can thwart it. Though I do remember Z telling me about one time when she was driving and was told to stop or slow down real fast. She did so and a car whizzed in front of her at the next intersection, a car that would have T-boned her car. She was so tuned into our Savior and His servants that she had been informed of dark minions intent and avoided what they had intended for her.

We can do the same as Z does and the non-sighted man did. It just takes work, righteous, God centered work.

Speaking of Z, she had several things to add to the previous post in regards to who escorted Satan out of Heaven after he had fallen.

“Only high Gods, like our Heavenly Father and specific warrior angels of His level escorted Satan out. He was far too powerful for any ‘children’ to touch. If someone states Satan is after you due to you assisted with anything directly concerning Satan, then run away for that person is of evil. If anyone says you were a God like our heavenly parents, who assisted with handling Satan in any way, RUN for that person is either possessed or is flat out a liar! Not so much as a single mortal, living on this planet, was ever possessed with anything powerful enough to assist or have anything to do with Satan in the least degree, then or now.”

Wait, wait some will say. What about our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ? Obviously He is powerful enough to do so!!! I would ask you to remember in one of Snuffer’s talks he mentions where we are in relation to where our Heavenly Father is and then says that our Savior is halfway to where Father is compared to us. He is not where Father is as of this time. When my daughter, Denise, had her second NDE at age fourteen she was taken on a tour of Hell by our Lord Jesus Christ. I always thought it was curious that when it came time for her to “meet” Satan down there, she was turned over to our Father in Heaven for that part of the tour. The Savior didn’t even accompany them. After she had met him, she was taken back to the Savior and Father left. Does that not explain much after reading what Z wrote?

Satan operates through his declared sons, lords, generals, lieutenants, and so on. He doesn’t come up here and do the work. On the converse side, does our Father in Heaven come here that often? Didn’t He send his Son, Angels, and others to do His work?

In his book “Ten Parables” Snuffer describes how this works in the last parable. I can only paraphrase it here, so I suggest a good slow reading of it. In the parable a man and woman were being observed by whom? Angels had come to observe them and “reported to the Lord there was a young man who sought to do good, who loved his wife. The Lord said he would come and see the man and his wife for Himself.” The Lord came and “considered the young man carefully. He spoke to the angels and said, ‘We will present this matter at the council, and you will receive word.” Isn’t it interesting that He went to the council to consider them and told the angels that He would let them know, meaning the angels didn’t attend the council. There is order in heaven.

The Lord presented this information to the council and made His case for the couple. The council “determined to intervene, to preserve the young man and his wife. The Lord was to do all He saw fit to cause the preservation of this man and woman.” The Lord was told to do all he could for this couple. So the Lord called His servant and the couple was worked with for 18 years. He learned his lessons, passed the tests, and acquired the virtue he had been missing. The Lord then came, dressed him in white and introduced him into the Heavens.

We have mentioned in our books how it is the angels that hear and answer prayers. Well, heart rendered prayers anyway. When a prayer is so heart directed the Lord might hear it or be informed of it by the angels, just like in the above parable. (Which, by the way I don’t believe is a parable.)

There are other things that crack me up at night, but these ought to be enough to cause some gas pains.

Take care and God bless.