“What the….” Part three

Chapter 14 in I See….Arise! is called “A Parable.” Since I know you have already read it, we are going to dive right in.

When Seth went to Hell and met his God, Satan, he was given “legions of minions to be over. They were completely raw, never having been given or received any type of military training, self-defense, nor any knowledge of their God’s way at all. It was as if they were babies in adult bodies.” So he trained them. He didn’t know any other God. Eventually he heard of others, but they all turned out to be previously created in the minds of his minions or were actually the one he had chosen to worship (Satan).

Before the crucifixion new loads of minions were brought into Hell speaking a name he had never heard of – Yahweh. The name sent a painful shock through him when mentioned and anyone asking their God about that name ended up horribly punished. Seth learned from others’ mistakes and learned to keep that name in his heart, where neither his God nor others could hear. Remember, Heaven and Hell are telepathic, to the extreme.

One day, after 1044 years in his God’s holy realm, there were such strong earthquakes that all of Hell was damaged. Seth rushed to the top levels to help with a severe control issue. When he arrived, he saw an extremely brilliant light that nearly blinded him. There were beings of Light that had entered the top levels of Hell. One of the bright beings called out to all, there was another God who was of light and great love. The extremely brilliant one was the Son of that God who was seeking to bring out of hell any and all who desired to leave the realms of Satan. There was choice and love beyond what they could imagine in the other realm. Seth did not even dare think of such a thing. The light was viciously painful. His thought was if this was a God of love then why did it hurt so much to be anywhere near Him? The voice that was calling then stated all were to “repent.” Seth shook his head. He had worked very hard in the way of righteousness that his God had taught him. He was where he belonged … yet … something in his heart said he was not. He was confused.

There were many of the minions and others in the upper levels of Hell that left with the Lord Jesus Christ, who had just been crucified. There was nothing Seth, his generals, Satan, or anyone could do about it. However, as commanded, Seth prevented some from leaving. In spite of the determined efforts to stop the outflow of escapees the majority that were choosing to leave, got out.

Over time, Seth learned things that intrigued him. The problem was every time he thought of the being of light, he was punished by his God. He had to learn to think, habitually or unconsciously competently, in his heart where his God could not hear nor discern anything. He would pray for about two thousand more years before things would finally change for him. He had seen some of his minions leave Hell through that name that hurt so badly. He noticed others who had escaped from his control, and they were fine. Actually they were better than fine, they were happy! He couldn’t figure out why his prayers from his heart were not answered.

Finally, at the height of his desperation, with tears, with every last fiber of his being, every last modicum of strength he had, with every ounce of his heart, Seth sent one last plea for help to get out, and he felt it shoot out of his heart. But this time it was different, his heart was literally crying, he wanted out no matter what it took! Then the Lord Jesus Christ showed up and led him out of Hell.

You can read the rest in the chapter, it is an interesting read with many probable meanings and understandings. In 2006 Seth, while still in Hell, was informed that some of his blood line relatives were being released from Hell because a mortal family member was doing specialized ordinance work which unlocked the way for them to leave. He found he couldn’t stop them from leaving. He wanted to see where they went so he sent some minions to follow. They reported where the relatives had gone. Surrounded by his strongest minions, imps, and evil earthbounds, Seth went as close to the building as able up on the surface. It was a generational healing he was observing.

We have done many generational healings where some of the ancestors in hell are allowed to attend. They will always come guarded by warrior angels and most all have come in chains. The chains are for their protection, to protect from the light. After the session is over, the Lord Jesus Christ has had a personal interview with each one of them and asked if they truly desire to leave hell. If they answer yes, they are then taken to the plain of repentance to start that process.

When things like this happen, those in hell take notice. They may not be able to talk about it, or even think about it, since they will be severely punished if they do. But they will take note, as Seth did and bide their time. If they truly seek from the heart, a way will be provided.

Yes, new minions taken to Hell are beaten and tortured. Many will yell out the name of Jesus Christ and plead for help. This is noted. It may cause stirring of memories in the minions’ hearts who, having been sent up to the surface on evil missions, will sometimes “remember.” Blood line mortal relatives may be doing generational healings and evil relatives in hell hear about it. Others in hell will see and take note when others can leave and the higher ups, even Satan, can do nothing about it. It all comes down to repentance. Clearing family lines of problems is a huge help, since it takes a long time in the spirit world (whether in hell or paradise) to get rid of our baggage. Note, it is much harder to do so in Hell.

One day at the bank the teller talked to me about some poltergeist activity she was having at her home. She had read several of our books and especially liked Conquering Spiritual Evil. (Yes, I know weird people…) Due to the level of poltergeist activity she reported in her home, I felt she had a dark translated being there. She asked if we could come and help get rid of it. I told her it would take a bit to get to her home as we were really booked up. Finally one day I drove Z by the home. She confirmed there was a dark translated being bothering the teller.

After about a month I told the young woman that we could come to her home. “Oh,” she informed me, “the activity is gone. I haven’t had any more experiences.” There are times when someone asks for help and then the entity will lay low for a while so the request then is withdrawn. I thought this might be the case. But another month passed and she reported it was all quiet.

Later, after much prayer, I felt to ask Z a question so I called her. “Did the dark translated being in the teller’s home cause the disturbances in order to get the attention of your guardian, Seth?”

“Yes,” she replied. “His name is Budd.”

Now that cracked me up. “Did Budd want to get out of Hell and asked Seth how to do it?”

“Yes,” she said. “And Seth brought up a lot of others besides Budd.”

It turns out Budd had witnessed and took note of what happened to Seth. Apparently there is a huge “underground” that sees and hears what goes on in our lives. Budd knew the teller had read our books and if he “haunted” her and her home she would most likely tell me about it. I’d eventually tell Z so her guardian would hear and he’d go investigate. Budd would get his interview with his old friend and find out the skinny on how to get out of hell.

It worked.