“What the ….?” Part two

In truth God does not literally “thrust” anyone into hell. There is no need to. We do a very good job all by ourselves.

(Much of the following is from Z’s input. Please read carefully, there is much to consider.)

Upon transitioning (dying) the angels of evil will meet those who were determined to follow the prompts of darkness. As it is in the realms of light so it is with the realms of darkness. The level each merits is based upon the life each Being has led while in mortality. So much depends upon what is in the heart and mind of each individual. This is one of the things Z asked me about my former church leader, if I had looked at his heart and intentions. I admitted that I had not and told her that I knew he had helped many people, even me in the past. “Yes, but what was the intent of his heart when he did it?” came her reply.

Nephi tells us that if we claim to follow the real Christ, the Son of God, we should do so “with full purpose of heart, acting no hypocrisy and no deception before God,” and we should do so “with real intent.” (2 Nephi 31:13) Moroni tells us that if we give a gift and don’t have “real intent it profiteth him nothing.” But then adds that if we do so grudgingly it “is counted evil before God.” (Moroni 7:6-13) And we know that Natural Law declares we will have consequences if we do something that is “counted evil before God” unless true repentance is applied as explained before. Also, what was in his mind? Will we not also be judged for our thoughts? (Mosiah 4:30; Moroni 8:14)

These emotions and thoughts draw and adhere to us either darkness or light, like magnets draw iron particles. Far too many, especially in these days, declare, “It’s my life! I can do what I want!” Such a person believes they are god and no one other than they have the right to tell them what to do. God the Father allows it. It is, after all, their free agency. If anyone insists on doing everything their way, then so be it. That is a God given right. However, it does not mean they will find themselves in any realm of light upon death. No, no, no, no. They will automatically go to where ever they were determined to be in mortality, be it abject darkness and evil or a realm of light.

It is a natural law when any Being vibrates at a low or lower vibration, there is less knowledge. Higher vibrational living automatically brings and retains greater knowledge. Vibration translates into what we term as light and/or heat. Greater light equals gaining and retaining greater knowledge. Lesser light equals gaining and retaining little knowledge. The great light of the Gods of Light which manifests as tangible love, profound peace and knowledge is freely given to those who draw close or are fixated on them. The “light” of evil is actually stolen from others in an effort to maintain what knowledge they have. Satan commands and demands abject worship for the main purpose of maintaining himself. He only shares just enough to ensure others believe they are favored above others and hence he has their hearts and minds centered on him as their god. That worship of Satan gives far more to him than mortals are able to realize.

Great light generates heat. Great darkness generates great cold. As it is natural law on the mortal plane of existence when there is more and more light generated (or more vibration) there is more and more heat. When there is more darkness (or less vibration) there is more and more cold. It takes effort to generate greater vibration than it does to slow down or relax into a less vibrational state. That is why people seeking great power of evil put forth far less effort to even support themselves and giving of themselves than those of love and Christ light. They seek power over others for the very purpose Satan does: to get gain with little effort. Only particles at higher vibration make room for more particles to be in proximity. Lower vibration shrinks down leaving less and less room for additional particles. As the vibrations slow, other particles are pushed out leaving less and less of what was originally a part of the whole.

Example: Sea water, in the liquid state, is a combination of many types of elements such as salts. The liquid state allows the inclusion of several other elements causing quite a bit of expansion. The vibrational rate of water allows the inclusion of such a state of being. The vibrational rate of water is conducive of such a state of being. At the equator of the earth, all water is kept at a higher vibrational rate due to the impacting and absorption of light from our sun which gives of his love in the form of great vibrational light and heat. There is far less light and heat (much less vibration) reaching a good portion of the earth’s poles. In fact, during each respective polar winter it is pretty dark for three months. For the summers there is not quite three months of continuous light. However, that light, due to the angle of the sun, is of a lower intensity or vibration than at the equator and other latitudes. As a result, the oceanic seas stay in the vastly lower state of vibrational being a.k.a. ice. When the vibrational rate of H2O (water), is lowered there is less and less room for other elements. Other elements are pushed out as the vibrational rate of H2O drops into the basically stationary very cold form of ice.

So what does the freezing of water have to do with a mortal being? The vibrational rate causes exactly the same effects for the mortal/spiritual being. The lower the vibration the less light (knowledge) can be gained and retained. With higher vibration there is room for more light and knowledge. Evil steals light from others thinking they have all knowledge when in fact they do not. The truth is they have difficulty gaining and retaining good knowledge which means learning life’s lessons and remembering such years later. Evil is loath to admit they utterly depend on their minions for literally everything.

Remember it is the minions sent to the surface to “mine” the light or energy of mortals. When a Being disobeys law, they will lose light and eventually pay a price. But that light is immediately “mined” for their god and his cohorts. For instance, a transitioned mortal that has risen to the higher ranks of evil, such as a son of Satan will be forced to absorb light from his own minions in order to retain even part of the intelligence he had gained in mortality. His god, Satan, simply will not broadcast enough to maintain his own sons. It is mandatory those of the evil hierarchy forcefully take what is needed to maintain life and knowledge from the lower minions. That is why there is such a huge push to cause mortals to turn to darkness. Dark emotions like anger, fear, hatred, etc. give them the energy they need to survive. When mortals turn against the God of Lights and sin, they automatically expel their life force energy so the minions of pure evil are able to absorb what they so desperately need. Because a mortal is basically replenished by God given light, they are able to be “tapped” for more life force energy until death. Just being in the sun will help replenish a mortal’s life force. The Gods of Light use our sun to bath our earth with photons, which a mortal can then absorb into their cells and DNA. Other mortals are spiritual vampires and take that energy from others. Have you ever got off the phone and felt drained. Most likely they were a spiritual vampire and don’t even know it, while there are many that do know how to take your energy. There must be a lot of light being sent to hell with how horrible, evil, and dark our mortal world has become. Makes you wonder when the tipping point is where God finally pulls the plug and starts over. Would our Father do such a thing? Just ask Noah.

In our books we have mentioned the different kinds of beings that occupy hell. Here we have basically discussed one kind, the minions, because that is what most of those going to Hell from mortality become. (And they aren’t those supposedly cute little yellow guys created for your entertainment at the movie house.) Those of us that don’t obey the God of Light, his commandments and natural law can become minions after we transition. We can also rise up in the ranks of Hell and get some supposed authority over others. “Yahoo!! I are a Sergeant now!” And yes, there are those that rise up in Satan’s ranks while still mortal. This is where dark translated beings come from.

We will next discuss how a minion or even a dark translated being can escape from hell, repent and become a being of light again.

To be continued.