Doug Tales 10: Tools for the Fight

During the last two or three years of his life, Doug Mendenhall worked on finishing his seventh (and final) book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020). Doug’s largest and most comprehensive work, this book of his personal experiences and learning is split into five sections: history, the reality of evil, tools, ancestral healing, and next steps/looking forward.

Putting the last first, Doug’s final words in his book are the following:

“Praise God for His kindness and all glory be to Him. The principles or laws talked about in this chapter—and in this entire book—are true. They will work for anyone that applies them. It is our choice to apply them in a Babylonian way, and you know who runs Babylon, or in a Christ-centered way. Both have been presented. I have seen both….As expressed, it is always our choice. May we choose wisely.”

Here’s Doug’s first words in his last book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two, on pages v-vi:

I am so relieved to have this second volume of Conquering Spiritual Evil done. It contains things that to me are a pure delight. From more about how evil works to tools to combat it, generational healing and looking forward. It has been wonderful to experience most of what is contained in this work. We’ve always said that the Lord Jesus Christ makes sure our books are “experiential” in nature. What we end up writing about is our life and what we go through.

There have been so many that have helped with this work. Always first and foremost is the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him there is no work, no life, and no joy. I am grateful to Him for all things, easy and hard. The hard ones seem to stretch a person into more growth.

My sweetheart, Dianne is my rock. She endures so much time alone while these things are written and figured out. Thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. Thank you for being my sounding board. You bless my life abundantly.

There are many friends that were helpers with this project. I hope to remember them all.…There are a few that have no problem calling me to task or challenging concepts and ideas. They have no idea how much that is appreciated. It makes me dig deeper into the Spirit and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to make sure the ideas and concepts are of Him….

Please forgive any and all errors, typos, etc. We are not professional and only do this by request of our Lord Jesus Christ. All honor, praise and glory be to Him, our Mother and Father.

I really appreciate all those who willingly shared their experiences and stories. It takes real courage to share what you have. It will help many others.

Like in our other books, one of the hardest parts about writing this was how much of the material overlapped. Good lessons seem to be applicable to several chapters, concepts, and ideas. So please forgive me for that. This work is my own effort with much help from others. It is not of any church or organization. I don’t purport to teach LDS doctrine in this book. This book stands on its own. I am just relating our experiences with spiritual evil, those of others, while hopefully offering ideas that are usable in your life. This comes from my own understandings and experiences. I hold no position in any church or community that would warrant anyone giving me any notice. I like it that way and am grateful for my anonymity.

It is my prayer that through these four books, Conquering Spiritual Evil, I See…Awake!, I See…Arise!, and now Conquering Spiritual Evil Vol. 2 you will have many tools to use to keep you and your family safer than you were before. This world is getting darker by the day and it will be important for your family’s spiritual well-being to know how to combat evil. May God bless you in this effort.

As always it is hoped you will read with an open mind and heart. There are concepts in this book that you may never have thought of and that requires an open mind and heart.