Doug Tales 27: Email Musings, Part One

For a number of years (before he started the Conquering Spiritual Evil blog in 2017), Doug Mendenhall sent out emails to many people about all kinds of topics. Here’s one of those unpublished emails written by Doug, this one from March 18, 2014, where he talks about two separate topics. The first subject covers when Doug saw some balls of light floating in the air at a friend’s home. The second topic is Doug’s musings and questions about D&C 76:25-28, which scriptures talk about Lucifer and Satan:

Just got back from helping my friend drive to Houston and am leaving again this AM, so I’m in kind of a rush to get this email out. Got woke up at 4 AM with what to say in this, so I know it’s not from me.

Last week a good friend called and said that his house was full of orbs and asked if I wanted to come up and “orb watch?” I called and asked Kitten if she wanted to go, knowing that she would only go if the Lord told her to. I was surprised when she said yes. We went to my friend’s home and the energy was amazing, a very high frequency. Kitten was like a kid in a candy store or maybe like a kitten in a dairy. She was watching them fly all over the place, talking to them, etc. We went downstairs to see what was there and my friend had four lights in the room. He had the new fluorescent squirrely bulbs. It was “retarding” the energy there and I asked Kitten if she felt it. She confirmed that they put off a bad energy and suggested he get the incandescent bulbs. Interesting, I never would have guessed.

The “orbs” were interesting. Some were spirits, while others were just balls of intelligence. They fly around the universe and were attracted to our earth and then to the energy of his home. They came out of curiosity, balls of intelligent energy, no spirit there. Something that we all were many many many many eons ago. Perhaps before we became spirits? Many questions and so little time……

Several more things…. At the home with the orbs the energy created a vortex that caused these other energies to come and see and feel and experience. The home is built on an artesian well. They have a huge sump pump that keeps the water out of their basement. The flowing water under the home creates an energy vortex that gives them natural protection against darkness, as long as they are Christ centered. The energy there is really wonderful and would be a great place to meditate, read and pray. Makes you wonder when Christ says that He is Living Water.

The last thing I wanted to mention is how the gospel is really simple and basic in the scriptures when read at a cursory or basic level of understanding. But when opened up by the Spirit it can become quite the opposite. Then the possibilities and questions go off the charts. But that is when the gospel becomes very exciting.

One example is what we talked about in Conquering Spiritual Evil when it was mentioned briefly that Satan and Lucifer are two different people. Basically D&C 76 tells us that when read at a higher level of understanding. In vs. 25 it talks about Lucifer “who rebelled against the Only Begotten Son.” Then in vs. 28 it talks of Satan, “who rebelled against God and sought to take the kingdom of our God and his Christ.”

Before it was easy to conflate these two verses and “know” they are talking about the same person. But if you read carefully and understand the concept of opposition in ALL things, then it is easier to see they are two different people, and that it probably is required they be different since there must needs be an opposite in all things.

But what about the end of that last verse where it says Satan sought to take away the kingdom of our God and his Christ. I am positive that means our Heavenly Father when it says our God. But when it says that about “his Christ” what is he talking about? Is that our Jesus the Christ? Or could it be our Heavenly Father’s Christ, meaning the Christ that He had when He achieved His redemption on an earth many eons ago? Do you see the difference? Just another possible meaning to a scripture we have all read many times. If it means His Christ, does that mean there is a “connection” between us and our “Christ” that redeems us? More than we possibly understand at the moment? What are the other possibilities? Just wondering?