Doug Tales 28: Email Musings, Part Two

This unpublished email of Doug Mendenhall’s was sent to many of his friends on April 10, 2014. In it, Doug talks about dark cords opening conduits to hell, shielding from spiritual attacks, praying in a Pentecostal church, King Solomon (from the Bible) flying to Ethiopia and India, people seven to twelve feet tall, and two new movies at the time, Noah and God’s Not Dead

All kinds of things are going on as people’s veils drop all around the world. One person has a daughter that is dealing with nightmares, but they really aren’t. They are nasty demons and devils coming through the portals of hell to torment the daughter. I asked her who was in their life that was opening conduits to hell or who might have cords attached to her daughter allowing them in. The mom me told that the shield don’t seem to be working like they did before. If you have cords attached from someone that might be a little or very dark the shielding may not do much good. You might want to cut the cords of attachment.

Another person had a daughter that had a “bad dream” of being attacked by a very dark or evil person. Her feet were slashed. After she woke up she found that her feet were swollen and hurt. It wasn’t a dream….. We chatted and also found cords attached to her daughter from an at the moment not so nice person. Interesting what is going on. It reminds me of a workshop last year where a guy talked about his chickens being killed in a secure locked coop and the horns on his ram being eaten away. Who does that to a ram? How do you do that to a ram?

Some things kind of crack me up. I read where a woman said that she isn’t hardly bothered by dark entities and then in the next sentence said that she had been depressed for some seven years. I am sure that entities had NOTHING to do with her depression. I’m sure it was all food allergies or something like that. We all know that the adversary can’t effect food allergies. Or exacerbate them. Right?

We all might want to take our personal worthiness up a notch or two, maybe get to know Him. Shielding will work if it is suppose to. What does that mean? There are people that are here to experience more, have asked for more and therefore get more. If you need to have a being attack you, for example like Joseph Smith did, then it will happen, shielded or not. Think about that one for a while. If it’s true that as wide as heaven opens for us that hell gets equal time, then we might want to get some understanding on how to deal with it. From the calls and emails I get, some are in need of more education on how to deal with what is going on.

If you want to see a great flick, go see God’s Not Dead. Open your box up a little. Have a good friend that I took up to Montana with me to meet a man whose veil dropped a few years ago. He was talking at a Pentecostal Church. We walked in and saw guitars and drums up front. My friend wondered what that was about. We soon found out. They did an hour’s worth of “praise God music”. It was simply beautiful. After that the preacher did a short sermon. He asked for us to turn to the person next to us and hold their hands and say a one minute prayer for them. The woman in front of us asked if we’d say the prayer with her and her husband. I held the woman’s hands and said a one minute prayer for her and then she prayed for me for one minute. Talk about getting out of my box of shyness! But it was wonderful to pray for her as she was there listening. It was such a good experience I kept wondering if we could do it the next week in Sacrament Meeting. 😉  Hey maybe a small guitar and ten minutes of singing praises to our Father?

I have been reading in More Dead Men’s Secrets about Solomon. Quote: “You might be for forgiven for wondering, how many other ‘modern’ wonders might the Ancient Hebrew Civilization have been familiar with? Have you heard that story from the Bible, which tells of the visit to King Solomon by somebody called the queen of Sheba? Well, did you know about the discovery of the Ethiopian epic Kebra Nagast (from about 850 BC), which tells that very same story from the other side?

“But it goes further. It records that King Solomon lavished on a visiting Ethiopian queen enormous riches and gifts… ‘and a vessel wherein one could traverse the air.’ Carrying a cargo of animals as well as men, via Egypt, it ‘traveled in one day a distance which [usually] took three months to traverse.’

“Shocking as that may seem to you, please bear with me if I mention one more claim concerning King Solomon. In Srinagar, India, is a mountain called Tahkti Suleiman (Solomon’s Mountain). Think about that for a moment. Is it not strange that a mountain in faraway India should be named Solomon’s Mountain — after a Hebrew King? But can you guess why it received that name?

“Here’s why: Muslim tradition declares that King Solomon flew there in a flying machine and arranged for the construction of the temple on the summit.

“Now I’d like to ask you another question. Why would we find two different reports, or claims if you wish — FROM TWO DIFFERENT CONTINENTS — one from Africa, the other from Asia, concerning Solomon of Israel and flying machines?

“Doesn’t that make you wonder? But, you say, didn’t manned flight begin with the Wright brothers in 1903? Surprise! Here’s another thing you should know about the ancient past: Were you aware that people all over the world have retained separate memories of a period when aviation was a well-known concept? And not only that, but they claim that flight was a frequent occurrence? Their writings demonstrate a knowledge of aerodynamics and an awareness of the factors of take-off propulsion, braking and landing.”

Wow, do you think we are being lied to? How about the tens of thousands of ancient skeletal remains that the Smithsonian has from graves in the US of people over 7 feet tall and up to twelve feet tall. Why aren’t they talked about and shown? What about those found with huge heads with double rows of teeth? Why are ancient technologies suppressed? What is their agenda for doing so? Just wondering.

Went and saw Noah, the movie. Good action flick, horrible bible flick. Speaking of Noah. Did you know that the city of Enoch was still floating up in the air at the time of the flood and there was much interaction between them and Noah? Go see Jack the Giant Slayer to get an idea of a floating city, like Enoch, that has tons of treasure in it, like Enoch. Why does Hollywood show us such things, such hidden truth? Yet we still can’t see it?