Afar Off

How far away is “afar off” in D&C 101:54? In the middle of that section about preparing for and gathering to Zion, the Lord gives a parable about seeing “the enemy while he was yet afar off,” making ready and keeping “the enemy from breaking down the hedge,” and saving “my vineyard from the hands of the destroyer.”

These verses come to mind because the work that Doug Mendenhall was involved in (prior to his passing in December 2021) involves going to people’s homes and helping to fight evil where they live, whether nearby or “afar off.” Some did not realize that many people today are continuing the work that Doug was involved in. They assumed incorrectly that this warrior work ended nine months ago, not recognizing that this work started prior to Doug’s involvement and continues today and into the future.

Some did not stop seeking for help. Today’s blog post is about one request for help six months ago, which resulted in a trip “afar off” outside of Utah not long ago. I’ve changed a few identifying details, but all the rest is factually correct.

My wife and I first learned of this need for help when Jacob and his wife came to Mt. Pleasant, Utah for his second clearing on himself. We were there when Jacob explained that his family lives on many acres of land many states away. Kitten at first side-stepped Jacob’s request until it became precise. His vague talk about needing some help did not get a reply until he specifically asked for his property to be cleared spiritually. She replied directly that a dozen people will answer his request, as that many would be needed. There was a large, active dark portal of intense evil on the property. Darkness was doing its best to bring its form of spiritual into the physical there, and that needed to be stopped. The property has been in Jacob’s family for generations.

Jacob shared with us that when he was a teenager, his grandfather told him of a dream he had there years before. The grandfather became aware in his dream of something related to light, like a building, located on their land. It filled him with immense peace and joy. The grandpa told Jacob that years later, on the day he was talking to his grandson, that he was feeling those same feelings again. He said he knew by that sign that it was his time to go/transition from this life, and he wanted to tell Jacob about them. His grandfather then passed away that week, not telling anyone else except Jacob about these—to both of them—sacred feelings and events. His grandpa’s sharing prompted Jacob to be more open to things of the spirit of Christ, and Joseph Smith’s experiences with light and truth in his First Vision. Jacob became more receptive to Doug Mendenhall’s writings and early seminars, and these made a difference in many aspects of Jacob’s work helping others in his life.

At the clearing, Jacob reminded Kitten about the prior clearing which Jacob had received when she and Doug Mendenhall were present. At that time, there were two identical dark entities cast out of him. Kitten said she remembered wondering if there was something wrong with her eyes, as identical twin evil entities is an unusual circumstance.

Jacob was grateful for the clearing. He joked that he wanted to pay for it, and said, “There might be something in it for ya.” Kitten became serious and responded quickly, that if he had been serious with the bribe, he would have been dismissed right away. She could see he was joking, but made it clear that was not something to joke about. No compensation is requested or expected when traveling to someone’s home to clear out negativity there. At the time of Jacob’s request, Kitten stated that she had known that some more extensive portalcism trips are in the near future, and this request for help hundreds of miles away confirmed those impressions.

I had been on portalcism trips with Doug Mendenhall in the past to different homes of all kinds in Utah, Arizona and Idaho. I was aware of other trips to help that Doug and others made to California, Nevada, and Colorado. Those day and overnight trips to surrounding states were good preparation to visit Jacob’s property and help clear that land located even further away.

Prior to his request, Jacob had read the scriptures, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One, other books of Doug’s, and also Denver Snuffer’s writings. He and his wife had traveled to Utah to get themselves cleared. He practiced shielding himself, his family, and his property, and was still being attacked spiritually there due to the high negativity and evil that had taken residence on his land even prior to his family owning it. He had prayed to know whether or not to seek help from those doing the warrior work as Doug Mendenhall had assisted with. The need was great.

I had seen this combination of circumstances before. A person or family seeking truth and light will sometimes be prompted to move to a place that has darkness on it, precisely because the Gods of Light know that person will do the work to find help and get rid of the evil there. (And sometimes it’s a learning experience, and the person simply needs to move again and get away from the darkness.) Jacob and his wife felt the before and after effects of their house and land being changed from darkness into light. They were grateful for the promptings to ask for help, whether close-by or afar off.

God bless you all in your seeking and receiving help near and far.

Galen F.