Doug Tales 63: Auras, Part Three

What happens spiritually when you interact with someone who the world defines as handicapped or disabled? Can you energetically be impacted by the aura or energy field that is around and associated with such a person? Can you impact them? Doug Mendenhall explores these topics in his book, My Peace I Give Unto You (2001), on pages 95-97:

“Break time, how about we sit over there on that bench.” I pointed to a particular bench that had good view of the passing crowd in the mall.

“Okay.” My daughter Denise agreed and raced me to the bench. She won.

“See any white auras yet?” I asked, settling on the bench.

“Nope, but lots of red auras.”

We were walking around the mall observing people. I wanted to know everything I could about auras.

We figured out that most people’s auras were some shade of yellow. Blue and green auras were rare but not near as rare as white. Red auras seem to apply to a lot of parents with children. Because of our inability to find any white auras, I became obsessed with them.

“Ooh, she is really red.” Denise motioned toward a woman wagging her finger at her little girl. The little girl was in tears, confused and fearful but the woman wouldn’t stop. She vented all her anger on that one little girl. I turned away, uncomfortable at the display.

“Still no whites?” I asked.

“He is.” She pointed out across the courtyard.

“What? Which one?” I quickly scanned the area.

“The one in the wheelchair, over there.” She pointed again.

I focused on a middle aged man seated in a wheelchair. What made him different? The obvious of course; he was in a wheelchair. Anything else? I studied him. Nothing out of the ordinary struck me. So, why was his spirit white? Jesus was white and so was that man.


Sunday arrived. We left for church a little earlier than normal. An outside group was putting on the service. We found our usual pew and sat as a family. Denise, of course, was right by me.

Within minutes I could feel Denise getting a little edgy, uncomfortable. I looked around and could see no reason for her discomfort.

“Who is he, Daddy?” Denise secretly pointed to the back of a man of medium stature that could have been in his late twenties.

“I don’t know. He must be with the performing group. Why?” I bent my head a little so that I could clearly see her face.

“He’s white, Daddy!” She seemed almost puzzled.

After three days of looking for whites in the mall, we had found only one. The man in the wheelchair. Now here was a second.

“Daddy, they’re all white, too.” She motioned to the other side of the chapel where a small group of presenters were finding their seats.

“They’re handicapped, Denise.” I pointed out to her as if that was what attracted her attention and not the auras.

“Oh.” She breathed a small sigh and settled contentedly back into the bench.

I turned to look at the man she had first pointed out. As he turned around it became apparent that he had Downs Syndrome. He, too, was handicapped and his aura was white. The handicapped presenters on the other side were not necessarily physically handicapped but mentally handicapped. An idea started to gel within my thoughts.

“Denise, what aura color are babies?” I whispered to her.

“White, Daddy.”

“What about little kids?” An idea took shape; Denise’s responses polished it.

“White, Daddy.”

The pew in front of us suddenly filled with the Lake family and their handicapped boy, Erik….  Erik poked his head above the pew and smiled at me. His little misshapen head and face quickly melted my heart as I figured it would have any heart. There was just something special about him.

“Denise, what color is Erik?” He continued smiling at us.

“Duh, Daddy!”

It wasn’t the response I expected but it confirmed what I knew. Those spirits with a body that prevented them from understanding and taking responsibility for their actions, as well as all little children, were white. They truly were heavenly beings. No wonder the penalty was so harsh for harming any of them.

“Denise, when you’re with someone like Erik, or a baby, can they change your color?” I quickly whispered because the service was about to begin.

“Duh, Daddy.” She nudged me and looked straight ahead.