Doug Tales 75: Spoon Bending, Part Two

Doug Mendenhall includes some brief observations by a sighted friend of his who attended the spoon bending seminar he talks about in I See…Arise! (2016) on pages 38-39:

“I brought a set of heavy, thick teaspoons for the lab work. With one simply sitting in my hand, the thick, steel teaspoon heated up beyond normal body heat. It was not simple body heat. As instructed, the entire spoon was gently rubbed while visualizing (actually seeing) light flow over it.

“The flow of energy was physically felt. It feels similar to a thin coat of warm oil slipping along the hand. The light changed from white to a yellow color. The metal took on a slight shimmering quality. Being so fascinated with the light show, I forgot to check for pliability. The instructor reminded everyone to check if the objects were malleable yet. Dutifully the spoon was taken between the fingers, at the thickest part of the handle, and easily bent almost in half. Interesting!

“Thinking the way it had been reshaped had rendered it rather difficult to use, I later tried to bend it back without using the lesson. It didn’t budge. It was energetically reheated and, sure enough, it easily returned, close to its original shape. Since then, if an alloy object is not quite the needed shape (after checking no one is around) it is petted then reshaped to what is needed.

“A very useful lesson. Thank you.”