Doug Tales 77: With Friends Like These

Doug Mendenhall cautions on page 77 of Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) to learn from the experience of a woman who had dark entities cleared from her. She did not take Doug’s advice to include in her repentance a positive and continual seeking of light.

Some years ago a man brought his wife to my home and said that for many years she had talked to four entities that were within her. She had enjoyed many years of “companionship” with them, but lately they had become belligerent and wanted to control her more than she wanted to be controlled. She told me she was to the point that she wanted them removed and out of her life. Because she asked, hands were laid on her head and the entities were cast out. She said she could feel them leave and was happy to have them gone. I cautioned her that she may be lonely, as they had been with her for many years and she needed to fill that void. I suggested she fill it with the Savior Jesus Christ, reading scriptures and with prayer. She assured me that she would be fine.

A week later her husband called and asked what would happen if she invited the entities to come back? I told him that the scriptures declare that stronger ones would come back and bring friends. [See Matthew 12:43-45, especially the Joseph Smith translation.] He said that sounded about right. She had become lonely for them and had invited them back and was now in real trouble.