Unconsciously what? “Competent”

We will continue with empathic generational healing in a bit. First there are some things that need to be covered and understood.

Becoming unconsciously competent is a concept we covered in I See…Awake! Since very few of you have read that book and fewer probably understand the concept we need to go over it here. Many of us are incredibly unconsciously competent in ways that may be harmful for us in becoming an enlightened person, becoming healed, or even progressing.

I shared one in the post about habits where I decided to get sympathy from my wife instead of a healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you know someone that milks their “illness” or problems for all they are worth? Have they become unconsciously competent in that ability? I told my daughter years ago that the Lord Jesus Christ couldn’t heal her from her diabetes because she gets too much traction out of it and has become unconsciously competent in that ability. When someone presents you with a new concept what do some of you automatically say? Does something like “no way” or some similar statement roll off of your tongue? Just the other day we were discussing the concept of dissolving clouds and many in the room declared how easy that is to do. Then my sighted friend told them to then practice making clouds or bringing them together. A good friend declared, “Impossible!” Will he ever be able to create them? Not unless he rids himself of something that he really appears to be unconsciously competent in, the lack of belief in creating clouds.

We have found one of the single greatest setbacks to healing or anything of a spiritual nature are our habits. We cleaned out the really bad portals in a home where the teenage son had Japanese Anime posters on his bedroom wall. The posters had pictures of little demons from some Japanese Anime cartoon. Each one had a portal attached to it. So if you clean up a house and yet still leave a “sewer line” from hell there, what still comes into the home, a lot of …….sewage. What habits do we have that are similar and allow sewage into our homes or our temple, the human body and mind?

Or how about our voiced thoughts? Remember in the post about bending spoons or forks and the people that said, “We can’t do things like this.” Are you unconsciously competent in negative declarations? Do they roll off your tongue with ease? Does doing so dam or stop your progression in Light? At the jedi workshops we gave out things to help people learn to focus and use energy. I can’t tell you how many times I heard different people tell me they “Just can’t do it.” I’d tell them they are right, because they declared it to be so, they can’t. And as long as they remain unconsciously competent in their incompetence they will never be able to do it. It requires a new mindset, a change, something akin to repentance.

Remember the levels are:

Unconsciously Incompetent – Don’t know you don’t know. Like a two year old not knowing about tying shoe laces.

Consciously Incompetent – Know you don’t know. The three year old finds out about shoe laces but has no idea how to tie them.

Consciously Competent – Know that you know. The four year old has learned to tie them through example, practice, practice, and more practice.

Unconsciously Competent – You know and it happens automatically. Your shoe is untied, you reach down and tie it without much thought as to how to do it. It has become automatic.

We become unconsciously competent either in a good way or a bad way by doing the same things:

  1. Practice at the Consciously Competent level over and over until it becomes Unconsciously Competent. You can do so where you remain open and teachable or you can close yourself off, damn yourself by stopping the flow of what is possible. You can declare “I can’t do things like this.” Or, “I haven’t quite got it yet, but I’m getting there and will be able to do it.” Either way creates energy pathways in our brain and is how we develop new habits. What kind of energy pathway are you developing? (Neural pathways) Also we must remember that imperfect practice can never make you perfect. If the practice is imperfect, or the pattern is not correct, then practicing it will make the outcome wrong.
  2. It helps to observe someone who has achieved the goal. Associate with those who know; read their material, listen to them. We can make great strides in observing them and learning to do it right. It makes great sense to follow what the Spirit tells us in this regard also. Learning new things, developing new habits creates neural pathways in the brain.

There are reasons that people don’t become unconsciously competent in a good way:

  1. They don’t listen to the right people or get the right information. They repeat and follow the wrong trail. This usually means you are the “maverick.” You typically will not be following the crowd and therefore it might be important to not listen to their negative chatter, and maybe to not even be around them if that is the way they are. Can you afford to do that?
  2. They have a low teach-ability index. Many refuse to give up things, like television, or they are not focused on learning. Some have a low willingness to accept change or ideas not thought of before. And the biggie of just doing the same old patterns over and over again. This creates very strong neural pathways which must be overcome with new ones to change. We need to change our habits!
  3. People spend too much time in the how – techniques and skills. We have discussed this before in the book. We need to focus on the why. If we do, the how will take care of itself. People have too many excuses like, “I have no idea how to do this!” They associate with people of gospel “inaction” or negativity. Your vibrational frequency has a natural tendency to lower itself to match those you associate with. Think about a time when you learned some amazing things or concepts and started to share them with other people. As you share, you see them close down, stop listening and actually becoming afraid of you or for you. Do you soon feel deflated? That is because the adversary has worked his magic and brought you down to their level. Do you think the opposite might also be true? If you associate with those of a higher frequency, will yours increase? Might be something to consider.
  4. This is the biggest of them all. Most don’t spend enough time on the Conscious Competent level to develop new neural pathways at the Unconscious Competent level. It requires time to reach this level. And heaven forbid, it takes work! New habits are pathways in which new behavior becomes automatic and happens instantaneously, effortlessly, easily, thus creating results as if by magic and as if by doing nothing.

Why are we discussing these things? Because of the amount of people who have felt that if they can get some generational healing work done it will heal them and then they are done. Granted it will help, but if we don’t change ourselves, the issues might come back. As we increase in frequency and spirituality there will be many new things the Lord Jesus Christ will present to us. If we still have the habit of rejecting any new concept, He will not give us many new concepts to consider since our rejection will just condemn us. This was illustrated recently in a workshop we were doing. My sighted friend was presenting some new concepts and we could tell there was some pushback in the room. In fact the room got so “heavy” I felt the workshop would be shut down. At the minimum we’d be done by 2:30 PM instead of 4:30 PM. Suddenly a man made a comment, rolled his eyes, and scoffed at the presented material. The Spirit instantly dropped, it was palpable. My sighted friend and I started to tell him to stay open, if it is a new concept to put it on the shelf and as we tell them about everything presented, go ask Father about it later. A short while later this man got up and left the workshop. It was amazing to see the Spirit rapidly rise again. We went past 4:30 PM and there were concepts presented that have never been presented at any of our workshops. It as an incredible example of how being closed minded can stop or damn progression. I hope he comes back some day, he is a good man.

It is important we change our negative habits and expressions. Promised results are always linked to requirements. Do you desire positive or negative results? It is to our advantage to know these foundational concepts. We can only go as high as the foundation is deep. We must prepare the soil first, before we do things like a generational healing. When we “think we know it” we have stopped being teachable. “I get it” has just damned us if we think that’s all there is. So in other words it has stopped the possibility of us progressing, like the man at the workshop. There is always more to “get” no matter where we are, and since we are here in mortality we really don’t know much of anything anyway.

The man, Denver Snuffer, had this to say in his book The Second Comforter:

“To go where the Second Comforter is you have to do it the way the scriptures teach. There is a specific way to get there. It makes no sense to think the promised results are not linked to the requirements to get them. These foundational things need to done or accepted.” (P. 25)

Is it important that we prepare ourselves before we try to do any generational healing work? Might we need to change our negative habits and thoughts, especially those that we have become unconsciously competent in? Will that take work and practice? Do bears….oh never mind. Do you think you can get promised results without doing any requirements, making any changes? Is it important to become unconsciously competent in the Lord Jesus Christ? Meaning we become one with Him, as He is with the Father, and do what He tells us to do? How many of us are to the point that we do His will instead of our own?

I was watching a video where a man was talking about meeting a wonderful woman. During their conversation the woman declared over and over that she will never get married. He opined that the “Universe” will fulfill her declarative statement and make sure she never gets married. Thought precedes action. We will be judged for our very thoughts along with our words. Will they both damn us? Meaning stop our progression? Could do so.

So before doing any kind of healing work it might be important to do a self-assessment and see where we stand with the Lord Jesus Christ, to make the necessary changes or at least be working on them before you start the healing process. If not, the efficacy of the work could be mightily hindered as you return to old habits and patterns of disbelief, doubt, and negativity.

Might be time to work on getting a new brain. Literally. You know, neurons, the stuff habits, both good and bad, are made of.