It’s Your Choice

On April 2 I did a post titled “God’s Blessings.” In it there was a woman mentioned that had suffered severe headaches, migraines. They hit her nearly every day. She didn’t like us much or what we were about, but she got to the point of having tried everything she could think of, all to no avail. So she agreed to come and see Z and her sidekick, me.

As stated in that post, after casting everything off of her, the migraines cleared up. She was quite elated, surprised, and extremely happy about it. After all she had been through, it was a miracle.

I checked about her today and was told it has pretty much all come back. She has discounted what happened with the Lord Jesus Christ with her healing and for some reason we are heading back to the “don’t like” list. I chatted with her husband about it and it was determined that she had not changed her thoughts, habits, way of life or pretty much anything from the way she lived before all the dark entities and negative baggage was cast off of her. So guess what, it is all coming back. The really cool thing is we will be the “bad guys” in this, it will be our fault. That is usually what happens when the adversary gets hold of a person, their way of thinking, and their way of being. They can’t seem to find a mirror to see the real problem.

Years ago after my daughter came home from her coma and we found she was now sighted, I asked her about the Lord Jesus Christ’s life which she had witnessed during her coma. My question was if most of the miracles He did “stuck” or did the problems the people had come back. She was actually here today visiting and I revisited the question with her. She remembered and we chatted about how if the people truly repented and “followed” Him, it didn’t come back. But if they kept their old negative habits, negative patterns, and ways of thinking it most definitely came back. We are seeing this in our day in real time with this person and others.

Last year we did a portalcism for a family of two. Afterwards I laid hands on the woman of the house to cast off what was on her. As I cut the cords I heard a huge swoosh sound. I looked at my sighted friend and asked what in the world that “great flush” had been. “You heard all of the entities being sent to hell once the cords were cut,” she responded. I asked how many had been on her and the answer was 40,000. Now, I don’t type that well, but that is not a typo. She had been on medication for many years and had never heard of blessing her meds and casting off any dark entities that might be attached. Apparently there have been many. Afterwards many other things of a dark nature were also cast off this woman. She was warned and taught that she needed to change her very thoughts, her habits and negative patterns and become Christ centered in all her ways. I guess she didn’t listen as she is back to the way she was before the blessing/casting off. Actually she is probably worse off since the Lord God declared in Matthew that when the house is swept clean and the entities are invited back they come with friends. Usually what happens is stronger entities come back the second time and yes, they do bring friends. Dark, evil friends.

This is why in the last post and again in this one we are addressing the changes needed in ourselves before and after having work done on us. If we don’t “repent” and change our thought patterns, create new neural networks that are of a positive Christ-like nature, our negative habits and such, then what was cleared, changed, or even healed will in all probability come back. We have discussed previously why the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t heal in His own town due lack of faith and belief in Him. He most likely knew them and knew they wouldn’t change even if they saw a miracle. Miracles don’t convert, seeing angels doesn’t convert. Just ask Laman and Lemuel among others.

When the Lord Jesus Christ healed my L-4 in my lower back it required a changed mindset, a new set of beliefs that wouldn’t let in any negative thoughts about it not working or not being healed. The several times those thoughts started to come in I could actually feel that spot start to revert back to the injured status. I consciously stopped my thought process, accepted and believed what the Lord Jesus Christ had done and it stayed healed. It is still healed to this day.

If we go back to the way we were before a generational healing, will what was done stay that way? If we keep associating with those of a negative nature will that “rub off” on us. If you wallow in the pigs muck will you get any on you? Will your frequency naturally adjust itself to those that you “hang out with”, high or low? We have asked these questions before. Do you believe any of this? Or do you feel that you have the ability to keep those dark negative entities on you and you’ll do just fine. Or if they do get cast off, along with all those devices, curses, hexes, implants, etc. etc. etc. and you don’t change your very self, do you believe you won’t revert back to the way you were? Is this why we are told to cleanse the inner vessel? Is it about what is on the inside of us? In our minds and hearts? Why has the Lord Jesus Christ said that a broken heart and a contrite spirit is what He requires? Will that help us to look to Him only for our “cures” or to develop a new way of life?

I can’t tell you how many people call and want to come here to be “cleansed” from their junk. If that was done and you left with the same mindset, habits and beliefs will it most likely come back? Yes. What do the two examples above show? We have a wonderful friend that came here wanting a real dark entity removed. He had brought this entity on himself through things he had done. We told him there was work required by him before the Lord Jesus Christ would allow us to lay hands on him to relieve him from his newfound friend. During this time he attended a preparedness meeting several times a month. He was told he could come but that he would have to just sit there and not say a word. He had to show his humility before the Lord Jesus Christ and others. How many of us would get our pride up and would never do such a thing? Good heavens, what would others think? He attended quietly for several months. He changed, his heart changed, he was humbled, and he had a broken heart and had become contrite in his spirit. The evil entity was then cast off. If it had been cast off with him still in his pride, he would have just invited his friend back and it would have been worse than before. He is becoming a man of God with this change, because he changed on the inside, in his heart and mind. He did a lot of work to accomplish this. It was awesome to watch!

The reason for generational healing is to help ourselves and our ancestors. We actually become Saviors on Mt Zion. There is work that must be done before and after the healing process in order for it to be the most effective possible. This is about changing ourselves, becoming what Christ would have us be. It takes work on our part. This is so important I asked Z to chime in:

The major problem with so many the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ healed, they simply were too lazy to grow up and be actual adults. It is so much easier to be childish and let others take care of us. Goodness, look at all the attention we get by being lazy brats who do nothing to assist with our own healing!  “For heaven’s sake, my god says he will take care of me no matter what. That is why Christ died on the cross, to take care of me.  We have been taught all we have to do is believe there is a God and that is all there is too it. No effort on our part at all.”  HOG WASH!  That is pure evil to even think in such a way.  That is what the devil wants of everyone.  That way he can slip you right into hell!  The scriptures are full of why we MUST change our habits, ways of thinking, and stop being lazy adult children.  If all you expect is to have a healing with nothing at all done on your part then stay away from anything or anyone who is working for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  You will be not only damned in your progression, you will eventually experience far greater pain than what you began with.  In other words you will land in the actual hell. Whether you believe it or not, will make no difference.

If you know someone that is complaining about how they were once healed, but it all came back, perhaps a smack up the side of the head is in order (to get their attention, a two by four does wonders) then nail them with the fact they had to make mental, emotional and physical changes (better food, no alcohol, etc.) in order for the healing to stick.  Those who are the most lazy will cry, whine, complain and do their best to blame anyone and everyone except the one they see in the mirror:  themselves.  If you have all the evil entities plus more back it is your own fault, not someone else’s.   Enjoy the company for you not only put out the welcome mat, you turned on the neon lights with arrows pointing to your house (body) to come on in.  Apparently being a minion of evil is much more enjoyable.

Of course, if you actually make the honest effort to change and find it pretty tough, that is understood and there are others around who will support you in those efforts. Look to Christ in all of it, thank Him for the lessons for they help a lot to cause all to mature into honest adults.  We were not sent to live on this planet for a life of ease. We came to perform missions, mature and become much better than what we were before.  Being a servant of Christ is far kinder and much more enjoyable.

The Choice Is Yours!

We will eventually get to the rest of the generational healing part of this blog. But like I said, there needs to be some foundation laid. I like what Z said. This work is meant to be tough and hard in order to make us become like Them. It is not for the lazy. Like she said, if it didn’t work, look in the mirror and you will see the real problem. You agreed to come here, it was your choice. There are a few more things to discuss before we get to the meat of the work. It takes preparation. Though I must admit that I am to the point of not doing this for people if they don’t understand how serious all of this is. We tell them and figure they understand. But apparently not. If you come to get cleared of what is on you, especially a really nasty entity, and it is done by the Lord Jesus Christ and then you invite all of it back through doing the same things that brought it in the first place, that will condemn you, damn you, prevent your progression. Then you are doing the bidding of the other god, little “g.” And will spend time with him in his kingdom when you transition. I don’t care either if you don’t believe this, go read your scriptures. We have seen it with others. When you transition, you go to that god that gave you life. If it was a dark god, that is where you will go, if a God of Light, you will go there. Which God do we serve?

See you in a few days.