Things that crack me up at night

There are some things that just crack me up and some others that crack me while being serious at the same time.

One of those things that crack me up is the notion Christians have that a “Christian”, someone that has professed Jesus Christ, can’t be possessed. They say they can become oppressed, meaning the entity can attach to the outside of their body or spirit, but can’t get inside. A Christian can be “bothered” by demons, but not possessed. But what about those Christians that do become possessed? Well, that’s easy. If a Christian gets possessed, meaning they have an evil entity inside of them, then they say that person was never really a Christian in the first place. Bingo, problem solved! Wow, love that logic. I’m not meaning to “make fun” of this line of thought, just wonder where it comes from and why it is so easily perpetuated. I also wonder where that line of reasoning came from, I mean from light or dark.

One of my personal favorites is that the adversary or his minions can’t hear our thoughts. This probably comes from the scripture in D&C 6 where we are informed that only “God knows the thoughts and intents of our heart.” Our heart is the subject of this sentence isn’t it? Science has shown that our heart has neurons, just like our brain and therefore can and does “think.” That is why we must learn to pray from our heart. Why? Because only God and His angels hears those thoughts. That is why this scripture talks about the thoughts and intents of our heart, not our mind. In the world of spirits they don’t use their mouth to speak, they use thought, or mind to mind communication. We call it telepathy here in mortality. And hell is definitely a world of spirits.

I met a man that was trained to “read minds” while he was a kid. I didn’t realize he had this ability and we went to lunch one day. While discussing various topics I suddenly realized that he was probing my mind with his mind. What he was doing was satanic and against my agency. Because of this I put up a block so he couldn’t read my thoughts or probe my mind. A few minutes later he informed me that he could read minds and I was the first person he had encountered that could put up a block to what he was doing. (I should have let him read my thoughts once I realized he was doing this.)

How does evil try and influence us? One of the main ways is by putting thoughts into our minds. They can’t put them into our hearts though unless we become like them—evil. If, like some believe, that the thoughts of the mind can’t be read, then how can evil put their thoughts into our mind? Just wondering.

I am still amazed at how many still believe that children can’t become possessed. Though if Christians can’t, I don’t see any reason why children should…… We have written about this in our books and yes, children can and do become possessed. Whether it is because of generational curses or what goes on in the home, it does happen to them. This is why we harp so much about the father of the home being the protector and it being his stewardship to protect his wife and children. Something that is abysmally absent in most homes today. From what I’ve observed, many fathers are far more interested in sports, internet, recreational activities, and did I say sports, to bother with such trivial matters as protecting their stewardship from darkness and evil. That would actually take time and effort to study and know what to do. So much easier to turn on the TV or internet. Meanwhile their children suffer and hear from their parents, “It was just a nightmare, and it wasn’t real, go back to bed.” Right. If you don’t believe children are affected I can send you a few dozen emails. That is why I praised the father/grandfather so much in my previous post. He gets it and is proactive teaching and protecting his family.

One of my personal favorites is when someone tells me that “It was Satan himself that came and attacked me” or something along those lines about Satan being the one they had the encounter with. I’ve heard energy workers tell people that it was Satan himself that came and put that curse on them or did whatever to them. Sorry, I beg to differ. Satan sits at the top of his kingdom and seldom comes up. And let’s be real, why would he come up here for one of us? Maybe if it’s time to receive the Second Comforter and it is a requirement of our Father in Heaven. Otherwise his minions take care of everything for him, everything. He is well organized and does not engage us, no matter how important we believe our son or daughter is. “I was told that my son was one of those that escorted Satan out of Heaven. Because of this Satan really wants to destroy my son.” He wants to destroy ALL of us. Does this feel like a little pride is creeping in here? If so, where did that come from? Satan is a fallen God. If he showed up, the chances of you or your son surviving are slim to none.

There is also the idea that we can bind demons while sending them to hell. In the Christian world they cover both camps. Some believe you have the right to bind demons, while others declare that it is not scriptural and a person does not have the right to bind them.

Personally, I have witnessed more than a few “healers” or energy workers use this phrase and bind the demon or demons to hell. I admit, that recently I succumbed to the temptation and used the phrase. I have since repented and you might want to know why.

Almost every time we do a clearing something new is learned. Yesterday as I was meditating about a guy coming to our home I saw that he had a curse that went back four generations. This is not an unusual thing, though only going back four generations might be. I wondered what all of it meant and was soon to find out. He arrived and we chatted. Z came to observe and help. I laid hands on his head and in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ cut the bonds to the entity that was attached to him. The strange thing was, after this there were still other bonds that had to be cut which were still binding to him somehow or at least needed to be severed.

Later Z mentioned that the man had a Corporal attached to him. But, attached to and controlling the Corporal were a bunch of this man’s women ancestors that had bound the Corporal to do their bidding. They were witches. They lived during Pioneer times and had been members of the LDS faith. They had become members of a secret society that still exists today in that faith. Because they were witches they knew how to do rituals to bind evil entities to them to do their bidding, making them just as evil if not more so than the entity.

We had not seen this before and the concept was quite fascinating so we discussed it even after the man left my home. That is when it occurred to me that I had heard more than a few healers/energy workers use the phrase when casting out demons, “I bind you and send you to hell.” I quietly asked our Lord Jesus Christ if what they had done was to bind themselves or attach a cord to the entity that they had sent to hell. The answer was yes. So I asked Z the same question and she also said yes. When using this phrase you attach a cord between you and the demon!!

When we “bind” a demon or dark entity we are placing a bond or cord between them and us. The evil entities of course love this because now they have a “bond” or a cord with a mortal that they can now literally suck the life energy out of. Does this make sense to you? I hope so. I made this mistake when casting out a while ago and said those words. Like I mentioned, I have since repented and cut those bonds/cords. How do I know about these things? Well, after I had said those words when doing a clearing a while back, I was able to literally hear people talking and they weren’t very nice. We had a bunch of friends over last week and I heard someone say, “These people are just a bunch of candy***es.” (If you need to know what I “edited” out here, call me.) It was last night I realized I had established a link, cord, or bond with the demons that had been sent to hell. I was able to hear their comments about me and those I was around. While interesting, it wasn’t very nice commentary and I’m quite happy to have cut those and have that gone from my thoughts.

But I need to add something else. When “they” have established a connection, even when done with our own blind ignorance, they can not only hear, but they can also see through our eyes into our world. And it gets even worse. It won’t matter at this point how many shields we have put up since they now have a direct line to us because after they are “tossed” into hell, we have left them a “life line” in the bond/cord we gave them and they can come right back to us. So they don’t actually have to stay in hell to see what we are about, they can be right next to us. Also, because of the connection, they know not only our thoughts, but our emotions as well. In other words, we become their latest toy to play with. All because words matter, words create, especially when done with emotion as you might do when “binding” a demon to send it to hell. If you have done this over and over there might possibly be many connections with demons on you. They would not only be playing with you, but taking the life out of you as so stated, causing you problems in every aspect of your life, etc. Sounds fun, eh?

If we do this, we need to realize that no matter how much we shield or how often we shield, it won’t matter. Evil will have a literal pipeline to us. If this is you, you might want to take care of that.

Anyway, those are a few of the things that crack me up at night and well, maybe not so much really.

Good luck and God bless.