I’m working on it

I am sharing the following because I feel it is quite relevant and important.

“I just want to say thank you for helping both of us with a clearing a week ago. It was something we never experienced before. I am deeply grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ… The emotions of gratitude I felt during the clearing were quite overwhelming.

When we left your home I started feeling pain in my jaw almost starting behind the ears. It wasn’t acute pain but more dull. Also some dull pain in my chest for a couple of days. I also felt energy in my legs for several hours the day of the clearing. I do feel much different emotionally after the clearing. I feel real hope for the first time in months. I actually feel happy and hopeful inside. I am so thankful for that. I also now understand why you “talk” on your blog so much about the importance of changing habits and neuron patterns affecting our behavior. The clearing doesn’t change our behavioral habits. It should be our choice to work on that. If I could I would tell anybody interested in the clearing to start working on their habits right away. I also now understand that “low level living” [Z] mentioned on your blog is not being a murderer or a drug dealer but it’s just “normal” life of a “normal” person. Doing the stuff everybody does and not really seeking His will for EVERYTHING you do EVERY day of your life.

I know that there’s still much work that needs to be done on my part but I am so so grateful for the hope I now feel!”

We tell people there is the chance they will feel pain and other things as they heal from what was removed from them. Whatever was removed was spiritual in nature yes, but many times it caused physical problems to the body. So if it is removed spiritually, why would you feel it physically?

We went to the home of a friend and part of what he wrote me tells the same story:

“After you left I was lighter, happier, and better than I have been in a long time. It only took a day for the spiritual damage to surface. Since the 23rd I have been physically ill. So much so I had to take several days off work. I was in bed for Monday-Wednesday the following week. It is only now that I am starting to feel better.”

This friend had about 40% of what was on him removed. We had assured him that if the entire amount had been removed his physical body would not have been able to handle it. I think he is a believer now.

All of this is wonderful but it is only part of what must happen when a person gets cleared of the spiritual darkness that is on them. The bigger part is addressed in the first quote above where she says, “The clearing doesn’t change our behavioral habits.” and “If I could I would tell anybody interested in the clearing to start working on their habits right away.” We have already discussed this in previous posts, but it needs to be reinforced here. Our habits must change, we need to repent and change our neural patterns because it does affect our behavior. Of course all of this should be done through our Lord Jesus Christ.

How do we do this? I had someone ask today what they should do to prepare to have things removed. The answer is, it is the same for any of us as it was for someone like an Alma or anyone else seeking to change their life.

The most important things we can do are to learn how to bend our knees. Once that is accomplished, we should bend them often, quite often in prayer. We ought to honestly look to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I mean really look to Him. Ask Him for guidance how we should think, act, and even what to do. There is no need to be commanded when to wake up and go to the bathroom or to clean your hands after working in the garden or on the car. We do need his guidance for some things in general everyday living, but many will go overboard with this and ask how many steps they can take on Monday evening, if you catch my drift. His guidance is truly needed when working out in the world and with others, including our family and friends. It’s what my friend said at the end of her quote above. The other thing that is paramount is to get into the scriptures and really study them with the Spirit. Here is her quote again:

“I also now understand that ‘low level living’ [Z] mentioned on your blog is not being a murderer or a drug dealer but it’s just ‘normal’ life of a ‘normal’ person. Doing the stuff everybody does and not really seeking His will for EVERYTHING you do EVERY day of your life.”

It couldn’t be said any better than that. Many people, if not most, act according to their own wisdom, not the Savior’s. Does our “great intellect” really dwarf that of our Saviors? Do we really believe that? I don’t care what degree or degrees we have, our intellect is puny compared to that of Him. I would compare it to a BB sitting next to a basketball. And that’s probably not a fair comparison. Also add the fact that He loves us more than we can comprehend, otherwise He would not have offered us an Atonement. Do we do “low level living” and read a verse or chapter in the scriptures and call it good. Or do we actually study the scriptures by the Spirit, seeking to know what is truly in them? Do we really want to be a “normal” person in this world? Are we willing to put in the hard work and effort it takes to rise above that normality, that of being part of the herd? Or do we proudly strut around because we have a great religious heritage and a so called fabulous genealogy? That ought to reliably help us in the eternities. Isn’t it about what we as individuals have done to rise above the stink of the masses? Do we know Him, the real Savior, or just some dark lord pretending to be Him? How much service have we done? And why have we done it? For our own aggrandizement? Or because He told us to and we did it humbly and without fanfare? “Mom, where’s my yellow shirt? I can’t help those flood victims without wearing my yellow shirt!”

There have been many occasions where people have asked how they could ever get to the point of receiving the Second Comforter, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will tell them the first thing they might want to consider is what we are now discussing. That of doing His will and not our own. Only it goes deeper than that. It means we actually lay our wishes, desires, wants and, yes, even our agency on the altar since it is the only thing we “own.” (Our agency, not the altar.) Nothing else here is ours, we are beggars. Only when we offer our will to Him can He then do what is necessary to actually offer us complete redemption.

That will usually give me a non-response.

A good buddy who I know desires to receive the Second Comforter asked me about these things. My comment was, “You are going up hunting. Did you ask the Lord for permission or if it was His will you do so? Or did you do it for you?”

He replied he did it for himself. Do you think that it might be times like this that define the God that we serve? Especially if we have laid our agency on the altar and truly given it to Him? Is it the true Healer, He that only wants what is best for us, or the god of self? And I don’t know how far that last god will get you in the eternities. Well at least on the side of Light anyway. And yes, there have been many thousands of times where I have done my own will in my life and not that of my Lord and Savior. But I’m working on it, changing my habits, otherwise there never would have been this blasted blog…….

Take care all.