I was listening to a man talk about what he calls “magic.” What he calls magic we might call spiritual gifts and natural law.

While listening to his conversation what struck a chord with me was when he said that some people will do what is suggested with “magic” to bring about something, it happens, and afterwards they begin to feel they are “special.” Special because they now can do something that many others can’t or don’t know how to do. He cautioned those who have such experiences, telling them to make sure they stay humble. These experiences really don’t make you “special.” He suggested caution because he has seen others who begin to feel they are special that turn dark and get into what he called “black magic.”

The chord it struck was how this same phenomenon also happens to some who experience a spiritual gift or have a spiritual event in their life. Said event might frighten them at first, but soon they become accustomed to having the gift and start feeling they are the gift. After that a little shard of ego might enter the equation and it can go south real quickly. We might call it using spiritual gifts for evil, self-aggrandizement, obtain a following, or to control others.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Years ago I had invited one of the two redeemed people I have talked about to come and speak at our restaurant. We’d have about 15 people come and eat dinner with a speaker and then listen to them share whatever they felt to share. He was an invited guest. After dinner we had a wonderful time with him and he did a question and answer session for those there.

Later, after the event was over, a real good friend who had wonderful spiritual gifts came up to me and said, “He’s intimidated by me.”

What?” I responded, somewhat stunned by what she had said.

“I intimidate him. That’s why he didn’t answer some of my questions,” she answered back. My friend went on to tell me that she knew it was her spiritual gifts that had intimidated him.

I told her that he is a practicing attorney and has argued law in front of many courts, some at a very high level, so I don’t see how he would be intimidated by a “gifted person.” Even more wonderful, he had received the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Comforter, and therefore had been in His physical presence, so I doubted her spiritual gifts and her presence had intimidated him.

She shook her head, laughed, and said again how he was intimidated by her.

Sometimes our egos explode and we really do think we are important, don’t we. As you well know from our past writings, I’ve been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

As I thought about this today, I was reminded of other individuals that seem to have done the same thing. One man I interacted with on many occasions whose veil had dropped while on his mission has started his own church where he is the head “guru.” Another man I interacted with on several occasions and was quite gifted also started his own church, where he declared himself to be the head Apostle. One of the most gifted women I have met, who has since passed on, saw how her gifts intimated those around her. She started a business with a group of people. If anyone disagreed with what she was doing she would loudly declare, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” and then declare the message God was giving her. Her followers cowered and obeyed her declarations. After all, she spoke with God!

I call what this woman did, “Using the God card.” It is when someone uses their gifts to intimidate in order to be obeyed. Many are so intimidated or “impressed” by the gifted they immediately believe and obey. That is what I have loved about one woman. In all our workshops she has always told the attendees to never believe her. They are asked to go home and ask God the Father about every concept taught, reminded that she is human and makes mistakes. If you try to follow or worship her, you will not be treated very nice, which is one way of getting rid of you and what you are doing. Her main desire is to do His will. Another woman I know used the “God card” on me once and I told her quite forcefully to never use that on me. From that moment she decided we are not friends. Her choice, not mine.

I’ve been around more than a few people that are self-declared “channelers”, meaning they go into a trance state and make contact with a being on the other side of the veil. That being then teaches you through them. I had one such person who channels tell me what Enoch wanted me to know about establishing Zion. The person gave me a paper with a list of ten or twelve “Business Principles of Zion” on it that had been channeled. I gave it to a gifted one and all she said was, “They don’t do business in Zion. Where did this come from?” Meaning, what source did it come from, light or dark? There is actually an evil being named “Source.” Well, if they don’t do business in the real Zion, where would it have come from? You tell me. Did the biblical Enoch really channel this through that person? Should I spend my time listening to such individuals? I have heard that some people that channel have large followings and exude quite a bit of influence over them. How sad. Maybe we should follow the Lord Jesus Christ instead, learn to “channel” (hear) Him, and let Him exude His influence over us. Just a thought.

How come some people when they receive spiritual gifts suddenly feel so special? Why do we make them gurus? I watched this phenomenon for years with people making my daughter a guru. They would come to the house and ask her to tell them what they should do with their life. Why do some gifted make themselves gurus? I believe therein lies the danger. When we begin to think we are someone special, then the ego kicks in. We can become prideful. Is that why some gifted seek others to work on? What is inside the person whose gift of sight comes in and now wants to walk up to others telling them what is on them, or wrong with them? “You don’t look so well, can I work on you?” I lived with a sighted person and she would never tell me much. If I asked, she would tell me to go ask Christ. You’ve read the stories in the books. She would let me live through my experiences and just observe, not stepping on my agency. Many times she laughed and laughed about the dumb things I did. “Denise, why didn’t you tell me I had demons on me? You’re my daughter! Why did you allow me to suffer?” I’d ask her. “I’m not supposed to tell you, that would go against your agency and ruin the lesson Christ wanted you to learn,” she’d answer back.

What I’m saying is we might want to be cautious. Cautious with ourselves when our gifts come in and extremely cautious with others that are gifted. Making them our personal guru, or following them only makes us a candidate for the Telestial kingdom. All praise and honor goes to our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, not to one of these mortals roaming this planet with us, no matter how gifted they are. We are here to learn about and become like our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and no one else. What is amazing is that He has no ego. None. Yes, those with gifts are here to help others, but only when He so states and only in His way. If we step outside those bounds, we can then become “special” to another being, one of a very dark nature.

Though I did meet a “special” person once that was quite gifted and of much light. I was having lunch with my redeemed friend when a young man with Downs Syndrome came up to us. He gave my friend a hug and then looked at me. He smiled and came to my side of the table and gave me a hug. My friend told me the young man is in his ward and sees spiritually. He has watched this young man enter the chapel in their church, look at some individuals and walk around to the other side of the building to get back into the chapel. Those individuals were spiritually dark and this young man wouldn’t go near them. He wasn’t judging them, he just didn’t want to get near them. My friend laughed and said I must be okay because this young man hugged me.

Now that young man is what I’d call special. Spiritually sighted, no ego, seeks no following, with only love to share.