I was discussing with Z a chapter we are working on for the new book this morning.

While I won’t discuss the chapter here, I will say we both agreed that the book Conquering Spiritual Evil (CSE) is foundational to the two books that followed it, I See…Awake! and I See…Arise!.

It has been amazing how many times we have referenced those two books while working on the new one. Yes, CSE is foundational to them, but what they contain still thrills me. We take no credit for the material, it was what He wanted written down.

If I had my way, I’d make it mandatory reading for the workshop we have coming up, but I’d rather people READ it than just skim it for a workshop.

Just as CSE was foundational material for the two books that followed, they are in turn foundational material for the one that is coming. There are some concepts we were only allowed to mention and not “fill out” in the Awake and Arise books. They will be taken to the next level in the new one. Concepts like Natural Law are key to further under some things. As is the “A Parable” chapter in Arise.

I have never even listed the chapter headings or what is contained in Awake and Arise, so I am going to do that now.

I See…Awake!


Natural Law = God’s Law

Unconscious Competence

Principles of Natural Law

Law of Sacrifice and Covenants

The Conscious Mind

Mind Control



Christ Focused

Thoughts – Mental and Emotional Power

Card and Weather Manipulation

Combining Spiritual with Physical

Baptism of Fire

Spirits and Physicality

Animals from Across the Veil

Earthbound Spirits

Denise’s NDE to Hell

More Understanding from Denise’s NDE


Healing and Not

Not Really There – Frequency

Musical Frequencies

Energy Healing


I See…Arise!


Heaven Took Notice

Another Chance


Spoon Bending?

Energy Work

Energy, Chakras and Meditation


Awakening the Third Eye

One Whole

Scientific Approach to the Gifts of the Spirit

Photons, Will and DNA


A Parable

Possessed In & Out & Cursed Besides

Ancestral Healing

Holy Ghost

Trauma Based Mind Control

Hearing, Obeying & the “Stone”

“Courts of Love”


Know the Truth of Portals

Celestial Mechanics