Fire Tornado

Years ago I took my daughter on a little speaking tour where she spoke of what was in the future.

The talk made a few people mad. One woman told me she didn’t want to hear of these things. She only wanted to hear about Denise’s NDE and only the “good” parts. The problem is she was doing what the Savior told her to do and say.

She spoke of winds of several hundred miles per hour or more. She mentioned the extreme heat that was coming, up to 150 degrees. There was more but I don’t remember all of it.

So when I saw the following headline this morning on Drudge it reminded me of these things:

143 mile per hour winds with fire attached. That will roast your marshmallows and a whole lot more.

Funny, she called last week and mentioned that He is showing her visions again of what is and will be coming upon this country. I don’t have permission, so I won’t say anything here for the present. Just get ready. J

We have had so many requests from those that were not around when we did five years’ worth of “jedi” workshops we have been told to offer a few of them again to get those people up to speed.

These will be only for those that HAVE NEVER attended a “jedi” workshop or have only attend ONE of them. If you have attended more than one, please don’t respond. We want to keep the class very small, a maximum of around 15 people. We will hold the first one on Friday evening August 17 and Saturday day August 18. It will be held here at our home in Mt Pleasant, unless someone up north offers their home or location. The cost is donation, whatever He says. Many handouts will be given. If you have never heard of this workshop, that is okay. Just pray and ask if you are to attend and if He says yes, you know you are to come. If He says no, then so be it, you are not to come.