Because Permission Was Given

My daughter gave permission to share some of her recent visions/dreams. I wish all of us good luck.

Over a decade ago we received a call from a reporter for Seventeen Magazine. They wanted to do a story about a teenager that had a Near Death Experience (NDE) to publish in their magazine. They interviewed her over the phone several times and the woman wrote the story. The woman was quite excited about the story she had written and about having it published. Her excitement was equal to our apprehension about having it go national. It was one thing to go around doing private book reviews to a small corridor of LDS who were open to such things, and quite another to be “exposed” to the world in a teen magazine with millions of readers.

Then one day the reporter called and said her editors killed the story. Seems what was written about frightened them. I figured there was probably too much “Jesus” talk for the editors. Nevertheless, we were actually relieved it didn’t go to press. We were tired of all the “locals” beating a path to our door and weren’t excited for the rest of the nation to know about her, you know the crazies come out along with the rest. That being said, my daughter has agreed to open herself up once again, though I told her there were just three or four readers here. This seems to open her and us up to much criticism, like I mentioned in a previous post about the woman that didn’t want to hear of the coming winds and extreme heat.

If you are familiar with prophecy and others’ visions of the near future, you probably already know what I am going to briefly discuss. The following are just a few of the things she has been taught and seen.

First, let’s mention the current President of the United States, also known as President Trump. When he announced in June 2015 that he was running, Z was told by the Savior he would become the next president. She was also shown he is a warrior. If you have attended the jedi workshops, you will remember that there are two lines of priesthood we discuss, the Prophetic Teacher line and the Warrior line. Snuffer is of the former and Trump is of the latter. How do you think he has been able to withstand all the satanic things thrown at him, and especially all of the satanic hatred he and his family endures daily? Sorry, folks, the kind of hate being expressed only comes from one place.

Both Z and my daughter were told he’d be in for one term only. The reason is to give us more time to prepare. The other side was set to win the election in November 2016, but the many millions of prayers were heard and the time of destruction was delayed which the radical left and extreme right neocons will bring upon this nation. Yes, it will come once Trump is out of office.

My daughter saw it happening in three years. She called to ask me how much more time the president has in office. I told her 2 ½ years. But it will take about six months after the liberals get in to really start the destruction of this country along with the Grahams and McCains of this world. She was shown that eventually, like many others have seen, China and Russian along with another country will invade this country and take it over. The only safe place will be in the Rocky Mountains. I know, this lines up with what many others have seen.

Another thing my daughter mentioned she was taught, and I will not explain the “whys”, was to not use credit cards or debit cards, but rather use cash.

She was told it would be wise to not attend movies or eat out any more. Rather, she is to use that money to get food and others things she will be told she needs. In other words, to become frugal and use the extra money to get ready.

She was reminded to stay off of Facebook and other social media sites. (Interesting that many social media sites took down Alex Jones today and other “conservative” shows. This is a test case to see if they can get away with it. Watch the dominoes fall if nothing is done.)

Remember, the reason our current US President was put in by the Lord Jesus Christ is to give us more time to prepare. Z mentioned that hell is raging mad over this delay in their time to reign with blood and horror. She mentioned that Satan was quite livid, as he had been told it would now be his time. Look at those that lost this election to Trump and the hate that just won’t quit. Now I have never liked the Bushes, Clintons, or Obamas. But I have never felt the kind of anger and hate that is being displayed by those on the left side of the political spectrum. Enough said.

These things are only mentioned so we might be “inspired” to go ask the Savior what we need to do to prepare.

Oh yes, one last thing. My daughter also mentioned that guns will not save you in the last times. They might help for a little while she was told, but it will be those with spiritual gifts that have been nurtured and developed by and with the Lord Jesus Christ that will be saved. I found that insight particularly interesting. As we state in our workshops, please take all of the above to the Savior for verification. Please don’t believe us.

By the way, the class on the 17th and 18th is full, but we added two more seats. If He says you are to come, let me know. I have sent the location to those that have signed up. Hey, we’re going to learn about and work on spiritual gifts! Imagine that.