The past several weeks we have been quite busy with clearings, blessings, portalcisms, and generational healings.

One thing has come up over and over while discussing with others what we do and that is exactly what a clearing is. When someone asks for a clearing, what does that look like in their mind? What does it look like in your mind? I’ve come to realize that in most cases we are not speaking about the same thing. Do you think it is semantics?

I asked several people who had their home “cleared” or themselves cleared how it was done. Several said smudging was used to clear them and their home. That made me think of the old LDS chapel/home our friends had in another state. When I first went there, I smudged the entire place. I’m sure they were quite amused with me lighting sage and using feathers to spread the smoke around. And it worked, those demons fled! For a few minutes. I do love the smell of sage and other plants used in smudging.

I looked on the internet to finds ways to clear a home or a person and found:

Take a shower; take a cleansing bath with salts; walk in the rain; sunlight; visualize the aura of others; make sounds (my stomach does this for me); shake your body; stretch; dance; journal; be alone; listen to guided meditation; ask your spirit guides to help; give yourself Reiki; sign up for a Reiki healing session; have a plant in each room (I know what plant those is Colorado and now California would use); claim your space; put salt on the carpet and then vacuum; burn white sage; room spray; high frequency music; and black tourmaline stones.


I asked one person what her energy healer did and she just smudged the house and commanded all negative spirits to leave.

I believe some of these things may be helpful. Okay, I’m trying to be nice.

None of these “clearings” I read or heard about involved the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. None call upon Him. Therefore, I don’t believe any will truly “clear” much of anything, except vacuuming and drinking Epson salt water. Dark entities are quite good at going into hiding for a while to make one think they have gone away or have been cleared. They love to mess with our minds.

You can take a shower in the rain, while visualizing the aura of others, making all kinds of sounds while shaking and stretching your body, dancing alone while simultaneously listening to a wonderful guided meditation, smoking a stick of sage and not much will happen. I think the dark entities attached to you or in your home will get a kick out of it. Now don’t get me wrong. I also enjoy many of these things and participate in them. But in our experience, we have not seen them “clear” a person of entities, devices, shunts, curses, hexes, weapons, and all the other dark evil negative things that we get slimmed with just by living life. Many of these things will help to keep things off of you once truly cleared, and some, like stones, can keep you balanced.

The only true healer is the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t care what any spiritual guru tells you. And no, He isn’t a “spirit guide”, or an “Ascended Master”, Source, or anything else except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the true Master Healer. I don’t care what some Shaman has told you.

There is much to help us in the world, but when the Savior is left out of the equation, there isn’t much that can help us in this world. I mean truly help us. Oh there are band-aids and cream everywhere to cover up the problem, help a little, and make us feel better like we truly did something. True healing and true clearing involves Him, all else is fakery. (Is that a word?)

Several years ago we were told to formulate a product for people to use to help with their health. We had been involved in a similar product before but those people decided to not manufacture it any more. We knew it needed to come from Him, the Savior. Since I had the availability of two people who could see and hear through the veil I asked for their help.

I gave each one a long list of ingredients and asked them to mark off each one the Lord Jesus Christ wanted in the product. They did so, separately of each other. When I got the two lists back, they had each marked of the same ingredients. That was pretty cool, I thought. Then we had them help with the amounts of each ingredient that went into the product. That took a while and several formulations. I remember walking into my sighted friends home with a freshly formulated bottle and she said, “It has too much [of this] and not enough of [that] in it.” She had been told instantly by Him what it lacked or had too much of. That was just as cool.

Finally we got it right. The former product we worked with had sold for $100 per quart. I had always felt it should be $50 and told them so but they didn’t agree. We were told to offer this for the $50 per quart. It has been that for years now. Unfortunately it now has to go up as the ingredient costs of risen.

I have many dozens of testimonials of what this does for people. For me, I don’t get sick. If I feel something coming on, I will take extra for a day or two. I take a maintenance dosage in the morning and at night. My favorite quote is from a friend in Idaho, “I sure enjoy my good health!”

This stuff works. It is called Ascend. You can only get it from me. We’ve had stores and health professionals want to sell it in their stores and offices but have told them no. Contact me if you want more information. I only bring it up here because I realized that many here are not on my normal email list that I sent this message out to. We are doing one last run for the $50 per quart price, then it goes up to $55.

Have a great week!