Being awake in the Spirit

In our workshops we have discussed breathing and meditation.

The idea is to raise your frequency and also your spirituality, which we have also discussed here.

The next step up is to breathe and meditate while walking down the street. In other words, to keep the frequency and spirituality up all the time. This takes time and practice. Learn to breathe that way all the time and to be in a meditative state as much as possible. Could this be called being awake in the Spirit? Or walking in the Spirit?

I remember days from my youth playing basketball where I was in what we called the zone. You were at a higher level and everything slowed down for you, the shots came easy and nearly always went in. It was like you were in a different world.

Maybe what we are talking about is similar to that or maybe it is just a metaphor for it. I know when I first started visiting my sighted friend at her home, my head would start to buzz after a few minutes and I’d get a headache. After a few visits I realized I had a hard time driving home, as I felt light headed and was floating. My sighted friend’s home office was “vibrating” at such a high frequency compared to me that it really raised me up. It was truly a natural high. Over time I got used to it and worked at keeping myself up in frequency and spirituality.

It helped and my gifts started to open up.

But it took continual work!

My sighted friend taught if we connect to the Spirit like this all the time, we will be able to see what will happen before it occurs. Did you get that? We will see the future before it happens. I’m not talking about huge worldwide events here, but events in our own lives. Though, the worldwide events can also be seen.

I’m talking about seeing a large truck pulling in front of you on the freeway before it happens type of thing. Seeing it beforehand so you can take corrective action and not be harmed. Being so connected you really know what is going on.

Such a thing happened on the vacation my wife and I were invited to join a few weeks ago with one of our daughters, her husband, and girls.

We were at a restaurant in Page, Arizona. Four of us were around one table and the others were across the aisle seated at another table.

In my mind’s eye I saw a future event. The server was going trip and dump a large tray of hot food on top of the 6 month old baby sitting in the high chair in the aisle. The heavy plates were also going to hit her. I quickly asked that it not happen where the baby was sitting, that it might happen elsewhere. Mind you, all of this was in a split second. Well, on this side of the veil anyway. It might have been longer on the other side where time isn’t quite the same as here.

Within a minute or so, in real time, I watched the server “trip” and dump several large trays of food right behind where they were sitting. It was in the open where no one was hurt. The plates shattered and pieces went everywhere. Hot pancakes and other hot food went all over the place.

The baby was fine.

This is what my sighted friend was talking about.

Later I asked her about it and she laughed as the event was revisited in vision and she saw my guardian put out his foot and trip the server so it wouldn’t happen on top of our little granddaughter. Seems the many evil spirits there in the restaurant wanted to cause some mischief and try to hurt her and any of the other children they could.

Now there’s something to think about!

All praise and glory be to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ for our safety on that vacation and the fact that we can learn to be sighted in the Spirit.