Some days

Some days are like that.

Like what you say? Some days are pretty cool. You actually forget about the hell this earth has become.

Received a call today from a man we had the privilege of helping last year. He was having all kinds of poltergeist activity in his home. He is able to see somewhat through the veil and it was becoming unlivable in his home.

This man did what most won’t do, he went to his local church leaders for help. I guess his Stake President went to his home and experienced or saw some things but had nothing to offer in the way of help.

He asked the Stake President, “Doesn’t the church have anything to offer in the way of help for people that are having these things happen to them, like we are here in our home?”

“No,” was his answer.

This man even went to the local Catholic Church seeking help. All the Priest offered was some holy water to sprinkle around. He wasn’t trained to handle anything like this.

He then made some phone calls and ended up calling some guy that I have quoted on this blog. Some people here get extreme gas pains when I mention his name. So I will forgo that for you with weak stomachs. (Actually, for those of you with queasy stomachs, when you eat breakfast tomorrow order a Denver omelet, which always goes easy on my stomach.) Anyway, this man, whom I will not mention, then referred him to us.

We were able to go to his home and the Lord Jesus Christ helped him, had his home and property cleared, plus he and his wife.

So when he called today it was wonderful to hear from him. He wanted me to know that the Lord Jesus Christ is still blessing him. He did remind me what we had told him last year when we visited him, “Knowledge is great, but applied knowledge is power.” He was talking about how he now knows how call on the Savior to cast out, to shield him, his wife, home and property. Life has become easier for him, at least in his home.

What a wonderful man. He was open to help from the Lord. Even if it came from a strange little troupe of people that talk of clearings and then doing them, of getting rid of portals to hell on the property and in the home, and then getting rid of them. Though, the strange little troupe of people really know who does the work and is in charge – the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It just requires a mortal or mortals with authority to properly voice things so the spiritual side can do its part, which is the heavy load.

It is a privilege and humbling to be part of what He is doing in this part of His vineyard. Not many understand what we do, and because of that we are strange to them, even a pariah of sorts. We’ve been called evil by many because we work at teaching others how to cast off evil and we do clearings of evil off of people. Some have said what we do is voodoo. Well, I’m glad to be in that club, because we are doing what our Savior did, it is His club, and when we do anything here, He is with us. Though, I have often wondered why, if we are of Satan, as some have declared, he allows us to cast off his own demons and devils and clear people from all of his evil crap that is on them. Good question I believe.

A good example is the woman that came here yesterday for an emergency clearing. She could hardly walk when she came in and walked a whole lot better when she left. Wow, if that was of Satan, he is really kind to those that want to serve the real Savior…..

Some take much longer to heal. Does that depend on their faith? I don’t know. Maybe they came here with the desire to learn patience, to learn about suffering. I don’t know how it is individually. I do know our Savior loves each of us and is highly aware of what we are going through, probably even helped plan some of it with the angel guides assigned to us before we came here. Yes, this mortality is planned. We didn’t come here to just bumble or stumble through it. We might want to ask Him about that and get in the game. Time is short. He is at the door, even knocking. Can’t you hear that?

I am grateful for Him, my Lord and God, Jesus Christ. He is Kind and full of Grace and Mercy for us. So quick to forgive me of my many foibles. I love the fact that repentance is available, even for me. I make use of His atonement quite often. I have met more than a few that won’t make use of His atonement because they “don’t want Him to suffer.” I am grateful for his suffering. He is my Savior and I desire to become His son. If we don’t make use of His suffering, we will be able to experience that suffering for ourselves as we pay the price in hell for our mistakes. Natural law requires a price to be paid. Make your choice. All He wants is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Or is that a broken spirit and a contrite heart. My dyslexia is visiting with me today and wants you to know it is here…..

God bless you all on this Sabbath. He is good and He is great. All honor, praise, and glory be to Him. Some days are like that. I’ll take all I can get.