Encapsulation part two

After hearing about the encapsulation principle and how well it worked for my sighted daughter on her son, I couldn’t wait to apply it in my life.

The principle about waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ never occurred to me, nor even asking Him. Oh well, never mind, I’m a big boy and so I pulled up my big boy pants and did what I wanted to do. My will be done.

Soon I found myself with a friend who had in the past asked me to help him whenever I saw something amiss. I have decided that this may not be a good idea.

When I see or know something is on someone, I won’t say anything because I don’t want to step on stewardship. But I knew he had asked so I went ahead and silently “helped” him.

He had an entity that in the past he has allowed me to put a containment shield around. This entity is of a powerful nature.

I know, you’ve already guessed what I did. Yes, I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to encapsulate this entity, thinking that would make for even greater protection.

Not so, “Grasshopper.” (Yes, I watched Kung Fu as a child.)

First off, I had not asked permission of my Savior to do this. If I had, I’d probably been told it wouldn’t work. Then I would have asked Him why it worked on the small, little, tiny, entity in my Grandson’s face.

Can’t I encapsulate a huge one?

The answer would be no.

As we’ve stated before when talking about Natural Law, there are always consequences to our actions, whether we understand the law or just choose to ignore it. I’m lucky, the Lord Jesus Christ lets me show my consequences to just the five who read this blog, I’d hate to show the world what a fool I am at times. I am so grateful there are only five of you.

One night later I found myself fighting an entity, though it was more like a wrestling match. I had to use my arms and legs against this thing. It was like it had multiple arms. I woke up in a sweat and hurt all over my body like I had the flu from the exertion from the fight. It was a three Ibuprofen moment. Many of you five know the drill. Twenty minutes later I was feeling much better and went back to sleep.

The next night my sighted friend was over and I recounted what I had done and the consequences. She told me indeed the use of an encapsulation should only be done when the Savior says to use it. And the biggie, it doesn’t work on higher level entities so well.

She looked at my wrestling match and confirmed that it had been such.

“Only, what you were wrestling was like a Medusa,” she added.

It not only had multiple heads, but also arms and legs. It made sense that is why I saw myself fighting against multiple arms and also legs.

I immediately looked over to a good friend that I knew had real priesthood that was sitting next to me and asked him for a clearing. I wanted that thing gone. Immediately.

Oh, that felt good. It sure is nice to have a merciful Savior willing to cancel out our mistakes once we repent.

Encapsulation is a great thing, when used within the bounds the Lord Jesus Christ has set.

What are those bounds?

Ask Him.