“Fear or anger energy”

In one of the books we’ve told the experience about when Stephan Schwartz came to Fairview to a “healing seminar” we had.

He told the story of visiting for several days with a Native American Spiritual Leader/Medicine man on a reservation in the Midwest.

While there, a young man was brought in that had a laceration on his thigh that went down to the bone. The medicine man got out a piece of meat and set it on the table next to the young man’s thigh. As he did his healing work on the laceration the meat started to shrink. Eventually it was like a piece of beef jerky. The cut or laceration had been healed. All layers down to the bone had were healed and there was a slightly pink line where the cut had been.

A short while later another young man was brought in that had a similar cut on his thigh. Another piece of meat was brought out and the medicine man started to work on this young man.

Stephan told us that the medicine man was unable to duplicate what he had done with the first young man. He was unable to do any healing at all on the second one.

Suddenly the medicine man turned to the young man’s mother and asked how come she was preventing the healing from taking place.

“I’m angry with him,” was her reply.

Her anger at her son prevented the medicine man from doing the healing work.

Do you think that anger, hate, wrath, disappointment, and other negative emotions can cause bad things to happen? Or how about good things, like healing someone, to not occur?

Are our thoughts when applied with emotion strong enough to cause things to happen? Interesting question.

When this new health “threat” came about the reaction went through the roof, didn’t it? Are people responding with negative emotions?

We have a small group of people we have been training to help us in our work against evil. I called a few of them and it was thought to not hold class for a week or two.

I called my sighted friend to discuss it and her comment was, “That might be a good idea as there is now enough fear in the class that the virus would now be able to get in.”


Is this one of the reasons that Mother Teresa could be among the “poorest of the poor” and not get their diseases because she did her work out of love and not fear? Are you willing to help a leper? And I don’t mean by sending money to some relief group.

Then Snuffer sent out his blog that the conference they are having will still go on and his experience traveling and such. He has no fear and expressed love for nature and life. Funny, he is living life while the rest of the world is shutting down, canceling church, closing stores and restaurants, sporting events, etc.


There is some good speculation that this “virus” is manmade. If this is true, and it probably is, do you think individuals, governments, scientists or whomever makes things like this have dark or light intent. I doubt there is much light in their intent. If not, are they then putting dark energy and intention into something like this? Does it make this like other diseases where there are entities attached? What does the word disease really mean when you break it down? Dis – ease. “Dis” means lack of or not. “Ease” is tranquility or peace of mind. Wow.

If that is true, will a “virus” like that seek out frequencies of dark or evil? Or the biggie – FEAR? Or those that are at dis-ease? Will fear, as my sighted friend said attract it? Maybe we ought to ask our Lord Jesus Christ about that one. Does perfect love, faith in Him, really cast out fear? Do you believe that? Or are we going to believe and accept the fear porn being thrown at us?

You do realize that whatever freedoms they take away with this event will most likely not be given back to you. Do you really enjoy TSA feeling your crotch or breasts? Do we “mooooo” too much? Do we have a herd mentality?

In 2018 there were 1.5 million people that died from tuberculosis. Nearly 80,000 died from the flu last year. So far we have around 5,000 fatalities worldwide from this. Most of those that died from the flu were elderly. Will it be the same with this? Is that because many of the elderly are already sick and on many medications? Is their immune system already shot?

What does faith in God really look like? Like a Mother Teresa or a Snuffer?
Have our slave masters instilled enough fear in you that you are now more susceptible to illness than you were a month ago?
Will that increase as they keep the panic coming? As you can’t get any more toilet paper?

I’m not saying you don’t take precautions. During the winter if people are sick I prefer to stay clear of them. What is that new term they have come up with? Oh yes, “social distancing.” Did they have these new terms and ideas of what they were going to do before this “virus” was brought out, like they did with the Patriot Act after 9-11? Just wondering.

Yes it is a good idea to boost our immune system. That is why I take Ascend, vitamin C, D3, magnesium and zinc. All to boost my immune system. Will what they are calling a “pandemic” kill people? Yes. But so will walking out your door. Is being in fear a good place to be? Do we block the work that our Savior could do because of fear and anger? You do know that when we are in a mode of fear or angry we are losing energy. Gee, I wonder who feeds of off that energy. I assure you it isn’t any Being of Light.

Is it good to have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His love? Can that be a protection? Just some thoughts.

Now where is that piece of meat? I’m hungry.