Big hornets with claws?

Let me get this out of the way first: Moooooooooooooooooooo

Wow, I feel much better now.

Pretty interesting morning. Went out with my sighted friend and a couple of others to do what the Council of the Gods of Light approved a short while ago. Remember my petition I asked the Savior to take to them? Well once it was approved they wanted it taken care of.

It would have been just fine with me if they had sent a contingent of angels or even better, translated beings from Enoch’s city to take care of it. But noooo, there is this thing that a good friend taught me years ago called the “economy of heaven.” Meaning heaven won’t do anything we mortals are able to accomplish. So you sing the “Hi ho, hi ho” song and get busy. Heaven may help with the project, but it is YOU who needs to get off your buttocks and get busy.

We were getting busy when a longtime friend started to tell us some things she had experienced. Quite suddenly she kind of went into judgment, okay, it wasn’t “kind of”, it was full on. She also let emotions in while declaring her judgments.

It was then I realized that something was coming at me. I would describe it as very large hornets with claws. I was driving and they came to my right back-side and attacked my shielding. They were beating on it, but more than anything they were scratching it with their claws to try and get through. Crazy, I know. I could see and feel the intent of their little hearts, if they had any. It was to destroy and the object of their wrath and assignment was doing the driving.

The realization hit me pretty quick that they had emerged from my friends judgment combined with her emotions and it gave them strength. I was curious and let them beat on my shield for a while, finally casting them off and getting back to the project at hand. I could tell my shield was pretty scratched up and gave a note to self: “Self, remember to ask the Savior to fix my shield, getting rid of the scratches, making it better and stronger than before. And to give Him much gratitude for His kindness to this little Padawan.”

We were done a short while later (don’t you just love short projects or assignments) and stopped the car to discuss what had happened. My sighted friend had been off (spiritually) working on the project and barely knew anything was going on until I mentioned it after and she watched it happen. She confirmed all that I had felt and seen.

My good friend was very repentant. I told her I didn’t care, it had been a wonderful experience. Though kind of crazy with those “things” beating and scratching on my shield. Praise God for shielding!

Just another example of what things like judgment combined with emotions can do for us or to us.

Usually I am the one on the giving end of events like this. A long time ago my sighted daughter thanked me for the daily fun she watched me go through. To me it didn’t seem to be much fun. Oh, I can laugh at most of it now, but back then it wasn’t funny being the object of many people’s laughter after the many happenings. “Denise, your Dad takes one step forward and two steps backward!” they would tell her. I told her that God placed me here to be her enjoyment and entertainment. She thanked me for that.

We were protected in this project because of our Lord Jesus Christ, where all protection comes from. Praise God again.

A change of pace because I can.

Did you know that the average age of the people that have transitioned in Italy is 80.3 years old? I bet they didn’t have any other health issues they could have passed from, don’t you think? It is also interesting that the President of the Italian National Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, said in a speech he gave a few days ago that there are only 2 people out of the nearly 3,000 deaths in Italy that have been a result of the Covid-19.

“However, the professor clarified that, according to the data analyzed, the vast majority of the victims ‘had serious [non-COV] pathologies and in some cases the onset of an infection of the respiratory tract can lead more easily to death.’ To clarify this point, and provide real data, ‘as we acquire the folders we will go further. However, the populations most at risk are fragile, carriers of multiple diseases’.”

Translation into non-medical language: the people dying in Italy have other very serious traditional diseases that have nothing to do with COV, and it’s obvious they could have died, and probably did die, from those other diseases. Nevertheless, we’re locking down the whole country.”

Let me say once again, “MOOOOOOoooooooOOOooooooOOOoooooo.”