Ha! You thought I was talking about someone in the Bible or elsewhere in scripture, didn’t you?

Or knowing the makeup of my mind it might be a fixture in your bathroom where much contemplation takes place? Or perhaps my brother-in-law?

No, actually none of the above. With all of “fear-porn” being foisted on you from every direction I thought you might need a different diversion. Though if I were to offer any advice, I’d advise you to not listen to the fear-porn. It won’t help you. Maybe someday we can discuss this. Someday.

The “John” I’m talking about is John Denver. You know, the musician/singer.

My sighted friend called today. She is on a well-earned vacation so I was surprised to hear from her. Seems she had a visit. From John.

This cracked me up. If you’ve read our earlier books we talk about when my sighted daughter came home from the hospital and I played a lot of John Denver music on my stereo. (Two or three of you will need to ask mom or dad what a stereo is.)

My sighted daughter would come into my room and complain about the music. I asked her if she disliked it and she would say, “No.”

“What is wrong then,” I asked.

“That guy, John Denver, comes and sings along with his songs. It’s kind of weird, hearing him sing with himself,” she said.

I felt it must be “weird” because she was new into seeing through the veil and we had never had someone like that come to visit and sing at that point.

Eventually she learned to deal with it or she just adjusted to the fact that John would come and sing along with his songs.

One day she told me that John had brought a friend, “Some guy named Elvis,” she said. They sang duets together. Now I’m a hound dog‚Ķ.. I actually thought this was cool and so wanted to hear and see through the veil. She would come to enjoy their company and eventually they quit coming around. (We aren’t that exciting.)

Back to the present. My sighted friend said John wanted to tell her about his life and murder. Yes, he said he was murdered. His slave masters made sure he didn’t survive his last plane ride. Pretty sad. He had reconciled with his wife and was ready to start again with her and the family.

She was kind of having a hard time dealing with him, so he said, “Call Doug.”

I had hoped we had become friends, me the “VIP” and him the earthbound spirit. Oh, VIP is my good friend’s invention. It stands for “Veil Impaired Person.”

What a trip for her. She had a great time meeting and talking to him.

The more I think about him coming today the more I think we need to break out the John Denver CDs. Annie’s Song will probably never have sounded so good. Especially if he comes and I can hear both the CD and him sing.

Will let you know.

I told my sighted friend all about our experiences with John and a little with Elvis. What he told us of his life and how he passed. She said she appreciated the witness, it all corroborated with what he had told her. No problem friend.

Have an incredible day, stay away from the fear-porn, and be healthy and safe.

Remember Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is aware of you and your efforts. He will reward those that do the Father’s will in all things. What a blessing that is.

Maybe I’ll ask John if he wants to come and visit the ten of you!