For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim. 1:7)

That scripture has been quoted often in the past few weeks. Let’s take a different look at it. As you know we like to look at things from a spiritual point of view here.

I may not be allowed to say all that I really would like to here, but we’ll see how it goes.

It would be my hope that many of you would understand by now how some of the spirit world works, especially in connection with us mortals. That is what we will take a look at.

When someone “goes into fear” what does that make happen? It drops your shielding or protection for one thing and makes you vulnerable to demons and all kinds of evil nasty entities that would love to inhabit your mortal body. You do realize that I hope.

So when your slave masters start with the fear-porn and you buy into it you have no shielding and are therefore attacked. Stress and fear release free radicals into your body. This is a normal process. A healthy body mops these up, especially at night. Extreme stress, or fear-porn, produces too many free radicals for the body to take care of. These can and will have entities attached. What are they there to do? Attack your body in its weakest point to cause dis-ease and eventually death, all the while sucking off all the energy they can get, delivering it to the evil side of the veil.

Remember in one of our books where we wrote about the young sighted woman that attended every summer a camp for children with cancer. She made the comment that she saw demons attached to EVERY child that had cancer. The dark entities were sucking off the life energy of every child. Don’t worry, the same will happen with you with any dis-ease. She would see the child get so ill and feeble the entities would leave, as there wasn’t any energy to “suck” off anymore. Then sometimes the child would go into “remission” and then the entities would come back and attach again, sucking off any remaining energy and then she would see the child get sicker and transition. Make sense?

Unhealthy conditions in your body will cause cellular damage. For example in Italy where they are heavy smokers they have poor lung conditions and probably other places of dis-ease in their bodies. The average age of those that have transitioned there is 80.3 years of age and are already in poor health. 99% of those that passed in Italy had one, two, or three had other health issues. Put a ton of fear-porn on them and what will probably happen? Just what has happened?

What happens if you buy into your slave masters fear-porn? They keep adding stress by demolishing the livelihood and independence of the middle class in this country. Extraordinary draconian laws have been and are being declared daily by those same pathetic slave masters. You must “stay in place” and most stores have closed. Many no longer have an income. People unable to pay mortgages and bills. Stress and fear-porn like we haven’t seen before. And it came almost instantly. Do you really believe this hasn’t been planned for a long time? Yes it has. Satan’s play book is years, decades and centuries long.

If we don’t buy into what they are doing and saying, our shielding will remain strong and the dark entities can’t get in. That gives us power, love, and a strong mind. Wow, what do you think the Savior was talking about here? What is a strong mind? Is it what is being exhibited on social media? No way.

You were warned that life as you knew it would never be the same. Now you can go into fear and die, literally, or you can stay strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. That is power, as He stated. That will produce love, as He stated. As we asked in a previous post, why was Mother Teresa able to be around lepers for decades and not become ill? Was she into His power, love?

I discussed being contagious with my sighted friend and also my daughter. In a real simple way, because there are always variables, if you get sick there are entities coming off of you wanting to attach to others. In a way you could now say they are contagious. It was stated that these can look similar to worms. If I were to be near someone that was sick and went into fear, my shielding drops and then they can attack my system. Or even better, through their coughing and sputtering they say with their nasal drippy voice, “You’d better stay away, I’m contagious.” If that causes any fear your protection comes down and you can become ill.

Can you see how this is spiritual first, as in all things, and then the physical follows suit? Are not all things created spiritually first? Are you seeing where we are coming from?

There was a children’s movie that came out some time ago called, Monsters Inc. In it the monsters would go out at night and frighten children and make them scream. They would then capture the screams with their equipment and send it across the “veil” to the other side where it was used as energy. Does that sound familiar? Were they showing you what actually happens with entities and fear? You then become a Duracell, or some other type of battery for evil to keep them going. The amount of energy going into hell these days has got to be incredible.

Don’t buy into it! Buy into Christ Jesus. God does not give you the spirit of fear, He never has. Fear comes from the slave masters that serve the gods of evil. Our God is about love, power and a sound mind. Now that is something to think about and act upon. Just ask Him.