Blog book

I wasn’t going to do this but some people have found out so I think I’d better.

I had a good friend take all the blogs from 2017, 2018, and 2019, format them and put them into a spiral bound book. Just like Conquering Spiritual Evil is.

Only it also contains the manuscript of the two talks given last year by my sighted friend and the one I gave for my sighted daughter about what they were shown for the end times.

It is about 360 pages long and is large, 8 ½ by 11. It contains all the pictures and references for the blog, hey even color pictures. Wow, I may look at it now.

We offered it to some close friends and thought to end it there. But some have asked so we will offer it on here. The bookstore that sells the books will not be carrying it. Neither will we really. It’s hopefully a one-time thing.

If it sold at the book store, he said he’d offer it for $30 to $35. We are doing it for $20 plus five for the envelope and shipping.

I’m adding this to the post.  Five of you have ordered the book already.  Only one of you has given me your address.  Please follow the instructions below.  My sweetheart keeps a running tally with the addresses so we don’t have to look them up, if we even have them.  It is much easier to put the address on the tally sheet and then it makes it much easier to ship them to you.  Thank all of  you.  We sure do love the ten or eleven of you.

I am going to put in the order from this blog a week from tomorrow. If you desire one or more at $25 each please do the following:

  1. Send me an email telling me you want it and the quantity.
  2. Include in the email your name and address.
  3. Mail a check asap to: Doug Mendenhall PO Box 282 Mt Pleasant, UT 84647
  4. If the check hasn’t come by April 6, it won’t be ordered. I’m ordering one for me and that’s it. There will be no extras.
  5. After ordering it will take approximately two to three weeks to get it. (If the country is still here.)
  6. Any questions email me.
  7. This is for the USA only. I’m not going to ship elsewhere at this time.

I wasn’t very happy when my friend showed me the blog formatted in book form. But it looked good and I really wanted the information in one place so I didn’t have to go online to search. So I asked for one. He has allowed us to offer it to the public. Well if you call the ten of you the public.

Well, that’s all folks. Que the music…….