John II

Now you really are confused aren’t you?

I needed to let you know I made a mistake about John Denver in the John post.

He is not an earthbound. He might have been in the day with my sighted daughter. But not now. I chatted with my sighted friend about it and yes, he has moved on.

Now this makes the experience all the more interesting to me. For a spirit in the light, like he apparently is, it would require some finagling to come and visit someone here. If you remember right it requires an okay from the Council. I look at it like a passport to come to the mortal realm. Like my sighted daughter and son did thirty plus years ago to convince me to convince my sweetheart to have two more children.

Once I found this out, the “why” became a necessity to learn. You know, the curiosity thing.

I found out that my sighted friend, her hubby and two others were traveling in a car when suddenly her hubby had the real strong desire to hear some John Denver music. It was so strong they stopped at a store and found some of his music. Her hubby then put in on in the car to listen to.

This really cracked me up. I guess us old guys like JD (John Denver) sometimes. It must be a sixties and seventies thing.

This caused my sighted friend to think about JD. Once she did that, guess who came?

Let’s go over this. JD influences my sighted friend’s hubby to purchase his songs and to play them so she will then focus on him enough for him to come and see her.

Seems he had heard of this sighted woman on the other side of the veil and wanted to explain to her how he had died and why. The machinations we will go through on either side of the veil to get our story out or get information is pretty incredible.

I’m happy to report that JD is doing fine and enjoying learning in the world of spirits. Pretty cool.

And no, I didn’t hear him sing along with his CDs I played that night. He must not have had permission to hang out here. Though if my sighted daughter had been here, you never know…..

Have a great week!