Before every clearing we do I ask in prayer for the ability to see metaphysically better than I saw during the last clearing. Some days you wonder if that is a wise idea.

We ended up doing several clearings yesterday. The people had moved and were totally exhausted by the endeavor.

Please realize that when you become exhausted, run down, or even sick, entities have a much easier chance of attaching or getting in you.

The wife had asked in behalf her husband that we come and help him. He was at complete exhaustion over the move. I checked and found that she was in as much need as he was. Both had attachments on the outside and/or entities inside. They both had worked to near exhaustion and really needed help. The entities were sucking the life energy out of them. I called my sighted friend and she witnessed all that I had seen and been told.

Fast forward to being at their house yesterday. I put my hands on one of their heads and saw something like a metal plate over the head. I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come and remove it. Remember, He is the Healer.

After the plate type device was removed, I looked down at the person’s head and saw something like what is shown below. It was trying to come out of the person and attack me or perhaps it thought I was dinner….

I looked at my sighted friend and made the comment about what was there and that it was trying to get me. She said that was true, as it knew it couldn’t get the Lord Christ standing there, her guardian or her, she said I was next. Now I wasn’t very pleased to “be on the menu.”

What was fascinating to me was my hands had disappeared on the persons head and I could plainly see this entity with a huge mouth and many teeth in it wanting to chomp me. I asked the Savior to remove it and to give it to our guardians to dispose of.

Yes, I am grateful for a powerful God, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who does care and will help us when we ask. He has provided ways for us to get help and is very involved in our lives if we allow and want Him to be.

The only difference was the critter I saw was round and had teeth in a complete circle. Though now his carcass has been cut into pieces and spread all over Hell, literally.

You all have a great dinner and please don’t be on the menu for one of these critters. Remember to shield and always stay centered in the Lord Jesus Christ.