Let’s take a look

We have talked about portals and why they are where they are. Today we want to show you a little more about that concept.

Below is a drawing of the basement of a home being built where anciently there was a Satanic Temple worship hall. The home is quite large, so you can see how much larger the temple worship hall is. It dwarfs the modern home being built in the middle of where it was anciently. It would be like building your home in the middle of the Mormon Tabernacle. (Yes, I said it that way on purpose. Couldn’t help it.) Or in the middle of the Conference Center.

Like we have talked about, these things were done anciently, leaving their dark spiritual signatures and we come along and build on top of them. If your progeny came along in 500 years and built their home on a site where today there had been a gay bar for many decades. Some or much of that wonderful light or energy it generates during all those years it existed would still be there. So when your 13 year old daughter suddenly tells you she has a strange urge to date a girl, you might not have to wonder why. It will affect you! Unless you know how to shield and stay that way all the time, the dark energy on your property or in your home will affect you and your children. How would it not?

You may need to enlarge the picture, nevertheless I will try to explain what is there. What looks like a column in the middle of the home’s basement is the stairs going up to the main level of the modern home. Above the stairs and to the right are three level twenty-four portals spaced some distance from each other. There is another level twenty-four that is just outside the wall of the home. These four portals were established anciently by Satanic sacrifices. They are still there and are active, meaning entities from Hell still come up and go down through them.

The four level 24 portals surround two things, a level 25 portal and where an ancient altar was. Sacrifice of innocence was done on this altar anciently to open and keep active the level 25 portal. Satan needs a level twenty five portal to come through from Hell. He is quite large and requires the right rituals to come up. Usually a portal that large will be oval shape and stands upright, so he can walk through. You can’t have your god bending over to enter his worship hall, can you?

All the portals were guarded with satanic soldiers, demons, etc.

The problem is we come along and build a modern home there, all the while Hell is coming through four portals in the home and one outside. If your children are playing there, and they were at this home, that typically will cause them problems.

The other issue are all the babies, toddlers, children, women and men that were sacrificed on the altar. Most of them will end up being earthbound to that location because of the extreme trauma they suffered there anciently while being sacrificed. In other words, they are stuck.

When we did the work there, the Savior released all of the earthbounds to the light. Well the ones that wanted to go anyway. You can’t make people, spirit or mortal, do things against their will or you are satanic. You can’t “send demons to the light.” I know that has been taught by many people. They are wrong. If the Lord Jesus Christ can’t and won’t do it because He honors and respects agency, what gives you the power or authority to do so? He won’t but you can? Please tell me another fairy-tale.

Wow, a little sidebar please. You have many so called leaders telling you what you can and can’t do. What you can and can’t buy. Telling you where you can and can’t go. Etc. Etc. Etc. Are they satanic? Do you understand that concept? I hope.

I hope this drawing gives more understanding about portals and how their energy stays in that spot. Then we come along and get to enjoy that dark, nasty, negative satanic energy. You know, it doesn’t do much for your complexion or body, mortal or spiritual. It can cause severe emotional problems and much more. I am sure many of the earthbound spirits that were released there by the Savior Jesus Christ went to hospitals in the light to recover from the trauma. Don’t you think?

I am grateful for the drawing and being able to show you an example. Enlarge it to see it better.

Most of all I’m grateful for our Lord Jesus Christ doing this work, helping a young family be safe in their new home. Also those He released to go on to progress and grow. I’m grateful for portals destroyed, sealed, and the land healed. He truly is the Master and Healer. Praise God our Father for all of this work.