Encounters – part two

This process is about being a process. As we’ve discussed before, it is line upon line, here a little and there a little.

From the unpublished Snuffer talk we read:

“This is what Joseph was trying to get across in the Lectures on Faith. Would you like to know God? Then go inconvenience yourself by following what He asks of you and you will unlock inside yourself resonance with the light and truth of God. It’s an unfolding process. It grows, you got to go back to Section 50 for that, it grows. Let me find that which is really also borrowed from the Psalms. Or the Proverbs rather. ‘That which is of God is light, and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.’ (D&C 50:24) Proverbs 4:18 is a similar thought. It’s a dynamic process

The way you link up to God is by this mechanism of obeying the commandments that He’s given you and it’s never futile and it’s never superfluous. It’s how you, as a being at your core of light and truth, know that you’re pleasing God. In the Lectures on Faith, Joseph said ‘you had to know that the sacrifice you are making was pleasing to God.’ (Lecture 6) How can you know that? You can know that because in your core you have light and truth, that’s why I read the quote a few minutes ago. The nearer you come to God and the more obedient you are – the more heed and diligence were the words he used in that statement – the more heed and diligence that you give, the more correct your understanding will be. (See Alma 12:9-11)

Why is that the case? Because you are enlightened, because you are enlivened, because you are drawing closer to Him.” (emphasis added)

Once a person has actually encountered Him, and there are many levels of that, they are a changed being. Remember, you can encounter Him and not have the whole enchilada. I know this because I did. I have related this in our books. I encountered Him on a lower level and He asked if I’d do His work. I told Him that I would and asked what that entailed? He told me. I went to work the next day doing what He had asked of me. All of that year we went out and told the story of Denise, her coma, and her four days with Jesus Christ while in that coma. Was it hard? Yes. It isn’t fun getting verbally beat up, told you are Satan and much more, which is what some still do. We lost many of our friends in our LDS ward and many outside of it. That was strange because we had been in that ward for nearly two decades and now hardly anyone would talk to us. Did we quit? No. At the end of that year He came again and I had another encounter. It was on a Saturday night after an extremely hard week of doing what He had asked. I remember thinking how glad I was that the next day was Sunday and we didn’t have to go out. He came and told me to open my scriptures to a certain area in the Book of Mormon and had me read it to Him, three times. He told me to put my name in place of the man being written about. What was given is between us, but I can tell you one thing, He is real, He is very involved in this work, He knows us and if we will do what He asks we will be blessed or if we are just all talk, you know, the lips talk without the walk, all blow and no go – no action, then we are not of Him. There it is, plain and simple.

That is a key to know if someone that claims an encounter really has had one. Jesus Christ will have called the person, male or female. Also understand, it can be an angel that has come in His stead. Christ will give them a commission on His errand. The person will then do it, or act upon it. If you have become a witness of Him, on whatever level, then you must testify of Him. In 3 Nephi these are called disciples.

“And again, more blessed are they who shall believe in your words because that ye shall testify that ye have seen me, and that ye know that I am. Yea, blessed are they who shall believe in your words, and come down into the depths of humility and be baptized, for they shall be visited with fire and with the Holy Ghost, and shall receive a remission of their sins.” (3 Nephi 12:2)

Like I said, you receive a witness, on whatever level, and you then do what He asks of you. I don’t do this blog because I want to. I am not a wordsmith like others claim they are and then do blogs. I’m here with all my warts and sludge for one reason only. Because He said to do it. For NO other reason. I don’t enjoy this. Being gone for nine days was a huge blessing because I was away from the computer, I was free! It is done for Him, because He requested it. Enough said.

In the New Testament they had Apostles. And I’m not talking about just the Twelve He called. Paul was also called and wasn’t in the church hierarchy. But he was definitely an Apostle. He had received the full enchilada and was required to share, to openly share what had happened to him. Today he would be told to be quiet, as the mind control has come out that you are not to share sacred stories. Why? Because they are sacred and you don’t cast pearls before swine? If that is the case, you’d better throw your scriptures away.

Nevertheless there are cautions. I have a wonderful friend that did everything he could to raise his frequency. He then had an encounter with an angel and was given a commission. The only problem is, the angel wasn’t of light and neither was the commission. Caution must be taken at all times. It is vitally important to keep our ego out of the equation.

While this is a concern, it should not stop us from going forth. In that Snuffer talk he mentions an analogy a friend used talking about learning to receive revelation and have encounters:

And so we never encounter the vision. We can fill libraries up with crap talking about it and never do it. And the gospel which Christ delivered, and the thing Joseph was trying to describe for us was the doing of it. There is another analogy and I like it, and I like it a lot too. It’s an analogy I borrow from [******] and it’s not original to me. He likens it to the launch pad that’s built down at Cape Canaveral where we have this enormous infrastructure and it’s all kept and preserved and polished. But if you never fly anything out of it then all you’ve got is a Launchpad. The gospel of Christ was designed to be a Launchpad.

One of the unfortunate things about launching is you melt a bunch of stuff and you make a mess. I mean anytime you fire one off it gets kind of ugly for a while. And of all things we Mormons would like to be it is orderly and punctual and uniform. We would hate to have the mess, the chaos, the disaster of, I mean we all remember Hiram Paige right, and we got a section in the Doctrine and Covenants about Page. (D&C 28) He’s the guy with a peep stone, the seer stone that got rebuked for having visions cause they came from the wrong place. Well you know we learned the wrong lesson from that. The lesson from that is not that Hiram Page got misled and had a false revelation using a peep stone that gave him bad information. The message from that is Spirits were afoot. Now let’s weed them out, let’s figure out which ones are bad and which ones are good, but let’s stay in touch with them. Let’s keep the dialogue going. Take that stone and take a hammer to it. Go find some others cause as far as I know Hiram Page is the only one other than Joseph in this dispensation who claimed to have contemporaneous revelation using a seer stone. Although I’m sure there were others they aren’t published. Well, yeah I mean the whole idea, the idea of the crystal ball, or crystal ball gazing, the Urim and Thummim, these things are traditions, their echoes are found everywhere and they’re based upon the truth.” (emphasis added)

My good friend got messy. Mistakes happened. So what. The Lord Jesus Christ offers us a chance to do it over again and again and again and finally get it right.

Wow, encounters, from receiving Him, the full enchilada, to having an angel come and giving you a message from Him and a charge. So then what are you going to do? Are you honestly a disciple? In word only? You can’t be, that won’t fly. It requires work, testimony, fasting, much prayer, more fasting, scriptures and wearying Him out asking and asking again. So get messy, launch yourself into His world, the world of spirits, connecting with Him, through that third eye mentioned here a few blog posts ago (quoting Snuffer). Let Him fill your heart with His peace and love. The mess can be cleaned up, taken care of. If you don’t try, then there is no mess. You can be an orderly little mind controlled robot and go with the flow, the mainstream where it is “safe” and secure. Chances are you will not encounter Christ there. Though you will have men tell you they will give you His word and direction, so you needn’t worry as they pat you on the head.

Or you can follow Him, on the so called fringe, where they will ridicule you and call you out. Just like they did to all of His true disciples in times past. Things don’t change, so why believe you will find Him in the flow of the mainstream. Shake off those shackles that bind you down. Take a chance on Him and do what He says. Will it inconvenience you? Absolutely. Is it worth any price? Again, absolutely.

I want to share one last encounter that happened several years ago. I was doing a workshop in the basement of a good friend’s home. There was a man attending that had spiritual sight. It was a Friday evening and all day Saturday workshop. A little while into the Saturday morning session of the workshop the man raised his hand and said, “Did you know that Christ was standing next to you last night during the workshop?”

I told him that I did.

“Well do you know that He is now standing behind you about ten feet and to the side?”

Again, I told him that I did.

“Why?” he asked.

I told him that I didn’t know, that this had never happened before.

A while later those that were attuned felt a presence enter the room. It was our Heavenly Mother. She stayed for part of the workshop and then left. The Savior was paying her deference by standing to the side and ten feet back. It was quite the encounter. The Savior is awesome, but there is nothing like an encounter with a Heavenly Mother. It was incredible to just soak in her energy, love, and amazing light.

The Lord Jesus Christ is real. I’ve been in His presence. I’ve had His hands on my head. I know what He told me and what my commission is. I don’t share this because I want to. It is shared by commandment and in humility. It took three witnesses confirming this blog post before I would publish it. Those that hate and fear can call me what they want. I know where I stand with Him and it’s real peaceful and warm. I hope you know where you stand with Him.

May all of us have many encounters with Light. Don’t worry, it probably will be messy at the start trying to figure out who you are encountering, light or dark. That is just the way it is and it isn’t wrong to make mistakes. When He asked if I’d do His work, I told Him that I had heard He didn’t pay very well. I think about that comment now and want to hide. He forgave me. He always will forgive. All of us.

God bless.