Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One

Audio files are available free of charge from this webpage for Doug Mendenhall’s book, Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012). Click on a chapter title to download an MP3 audio file for that chapter. (For the PDF/text files of Doug’s books, go to “Books”.) We appreciate the work of the many volunteers who have helped make these recordings available.

Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012): complete audiobook in one file (12 hours long)

Preface (pages i, vii-viii; 5 minutes)

Definitions (pages ix-xviii, 20 minutes)

Be Not Afraid: Chapter 1 (pages 1-6; 11 minutes)

Is Spiritual Evil Real? Chapter 2 (pages 7-30; 46 minutes)

How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? Chapter 3 (page 31-42; 25 minutes)

The Beginning: Chapter 4 (pages 43-49; 14 minutes)

Spiritually Gifted: Chapter 5 (pages 50-55; 12 minutes)

The Reality of War With Evil: Chapter 6 (pages 56-63; 17 minutes)

Characteristics of Evil Entities: Chapter 7 (pages 64-72; 17 minutes)

Spiritual Shielding: Chapter 8 (pages 73-89; 34 minutes)

Emotions, Shields and Fiery Darts: Chapter 9 (pages 90-104; 29 minutes)

Inviting In Light or Dark: Chapter 10 (pages 105-119; 29 minutes)

Light of the Spirit: Chapter 11 (pages 120-127; 16 minutes)

“Possession”: Chapter 12 (pages 128-152; 47 minutes)

Complete Possession and Integration: Chapter 13 (pages 153-188; 68 minutes)

Sending Demons and Devils to the Light: Chapter 14 (pages 189-196; 14 minutes)

Little Children and Possession: Chapter 15 (pages 197-212; 31 minutes)

Earthbound Spirits: Chapter 16 (pages 213-228; 31 minutes)

Helping Earthbound Spirits Move On: Chapter 17 (pages 229-235; 14 minutes)

Layered Possession: Chapter 18 (pages 236-242; 13 minutes)

Priesthood, Women and Faith: Chapter 19 (pages 243-252; 17 minutes)

Agency: Chapter 20 (pages 253-259; 14 minutes)

Be Specific: Chapter 21 (pages 260-267; 16 minutes)

Letting Darkness In: Chapter 22 (pages 268-283; 29 minutes)

Covenant and Cords: Chapter 23 (pages 284-289; 12 minutes)

Imps and Other Oddities: Chapter 24 (pages 290-296; 15 minutes)

Pure Evil: Chapter 25 (pages 297-307; 22 minutes)

Introduction to Weapons of Light: Chapter 26 (pages 308-329; 43 minutes)

Learning to Discern: Chapter 27 (pages 330-340; 20 minutes)

Nothing Indecorous: Chapter 28 (pages 341-349; 17 minutes)

Jesus is the Pattern: Chapter 29 (pages 350-358; 16 minutes)

Conclusion: Chapter 30 (pages 359-368; 19 minutes)

Appendix I: [Follow-up to Chapter 14] (pages 369-372, 9 minutes)

Book Description

Conquering Spiritual Evil Volume One is the foundational book for all of Doug Mendenhall’s writings and the first book in the Christian Spiritual War Guidebook series. This handbook of tools, experiences, and stories shares how to deal with dark and negative spiritual entities, weapons, and devices from a Christian perspective. Some of the topics explored in Conquering Spiritual Evil Volume One include the reality of evil, spiritual shielding, demonic possession, earthbound spirits, agency, faith, weapons of light, and Jesus as our pattern.

Douglas H. Mendenhall (1957-2020) wrote four books on Christian spiritual warfare. There are three sequels to Conquering Spiritual Evil Volume One. These are I See…Awake!, I See…Arise!, and Conquering Spiritual Evil Volume Two. These four books are written to Christian and LDS audiences about metaphysical aspects of spirituality.