I See…Awake!

Audio files are available free of charge from this webpage for Doug Mendenhall’s book, I See…Awake! (2015). Click on a chapter title to download an MP3 audio file for that chapter. (For the PDF/text files of Doug’s books, go to “Books”.) We appreciate the work of the many volunteers who have helped make these recordings available.

I See…Awake! (2015): complete audiobook in one file (8 1/2 hours long)

Preface (pages i, v-xi; 13 minutes)

Definitions: Chapter 1 (pages 1-10; 19 minutes)

Natural Law = God’s Law: Chapter 2 (pages 11-23; 24 minutes)

Unconscious Competence: Chapter 3 (pages 25-40; 28 minutes)

Principles of Natural Law: Chapter 4 (pages 41-48; 12 minutes)

Law of Sacrifice and Covenants: Chapter 5 (pages 49-62; 23 minutes)

The Conscious Mind: Chapter 6 (pages 63-78; 26 minutes)

Mind Control: Chapter 7 (pages 79-94; 28 minutes)

Awareness: Chapter 8 (pages 95-101; 11 minutes)

Perceptions: Chapter 9 (pages 103-112; 15 minutes)

Christ Focused: Chapter 10 (pages 113-123; 19 minutes)

Thoughts—Mental and Emotional Power: Chapter 11 (pages 125-132; 13 minutes)

Card and Weather Manipulation: Chapter 12 (pages 133-142; 16 minutes)

Combining Spiritual with Physical: Chapter 13 (pages 143-157; 23 minutes)

Baptism of Fire: Chapter 14 (pages 159-168; 15 minutes)

Spirits and Physicality: Chapter 15 (pages 169-185; 29 minutes)

Animals from Across the Veil: Chapter 16 (pages 187-195; 15 minutes)

Earthbound Spirits: Chapter 17 (pages 197-209; 19 minutes)

Denise’s NDE to Hell: Chapter 18 (pages 211-220; 16 minutes)

More Understandings from Denise’s NDE: Chapter 19 (pages 221-226; 8 minutes)

Prayer: Chapter 20 (pages 227-235; 16 minutes)

Healing and Not: Chapter 21 (pages 237-241; 7 minutes)

Not Really There—Frequency: Chapter 22 (pages 243-247; 9 minutes)

Musical Frequencies: Chapter 23 (pages 249-270; 37 minutes)

Energy Healing: Chapter 24 (pages 271-298; 49 minutes)

Afterthoughts: Chapter 25 (pages 299-307; 16 minutes)

Appendix A (pages 309-317; 11 minutes) [Note: The “release statement or prayer” on pp. 311-312 is not included in this audio recording, as Doug Mendenhall discouraged its use. For more info, see Doug’s follow-up comments posted in “Doug Tales 43: Binding Demons, Part Two,” Dec. 6, 2021.]

Book Description

I See…Awake! is the second book in the Christian Spiritual War Guidebook series and shares experience-based principles and tools for dealing with dark and negative spiritual entities, weapons, and devices from a Christian perspective. Some of the concepts explored in I See…Awake! include natural law, mind control, frequency, spirituality, earthbound spirits, the baptism of fire, demonic possession, power animals, prayer, and being Christ focused.

This book, and I See…Arise!, present the fundamentals of the Jedi Seminars, which spiritual battle workshops Doug Mendenhall taught 2011-2020.

Douglas H. Mendenhall (1957-2020) wrote four books on Christian spiritual warfare. In addition to Conquering Spiritual Evil Volume One, his three sequels are I See…Awake!, I See…Arise!, and Conquering Spiritual Evil Volume Two. These four books are written to Christian and LDS audiences about metaphysical aspects of spirituality.

The reader is encouraged to read and/or listen to Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One before starting I See…Awake!