Doug Tales 43: Binding Demons, Part Two

After Doug Mendenhall wrote about “binding demons” on this blog, he was asked about similar language printed in “Appendix A” of his book I See…Awake! (2015), on pages 311-312. That appendix includes a “release statement or prayer” which a friend of Doug’s had shared at a seminar he sponsored in 2015. In the following unpublished email dated August 13, 2017, Doug shares a few follow-up thoughts regarding his “Things That Crack Me Up At Night” blog post from earlier that same day:

Hi Friends,

I have long stated when people tell me they have put Alyssa’s “release statement” [from “Appendix A” in I See…Awake!] on their refrigerator or elsewhere and repeat it several time a day, that they might want to check in with Father about that. It was put in as an example of what one person does. Have I ever liked it? No. Have I ever used it? No. We have told everyone over and over and over and over again to ask Father about EVERYTHING that we have ever taught, all of it. Do I or Kitten agree with this part of her release? No, never have. There are some ideas that I quite liked from it and have incorporated that aspect in what I have done, hopefully with the Lord Jesus Christ’s okay.

We did some pretty good Ezekiel Seminars. Did I agree with all every speaker said? NO WAY! Some were really far off. It was presented as lessons for us to use discernment. Some did, most didn’t. They figured because the Lord Jesus Christ asked them to speak, that all they spoke was from Him. Sorry.

Doing this even with earthbound spirits will bind you to them. Bummer, huh.

Cue the music. “And the beat goes on, and on, and on and on…..”

Hope that helps.