Douglas H. Mendenhall (1957-2020) wrote the following introduction to this website in March 2017.

When we finished the book Conquering Spiritual Evil [Volume One] in 2011 we figured it might help a few people, then it would blow away with the wind and we’d never have to worry about it again. The problem is that it never went away and people still keep wanting it.

There have been many hundreds of emails of thanksgiving sent to us for having published the book. Many people have related their stories of what happened when they applied what had been learned in the book. Other people have contacted us for help after they had tried family, friends, church elders, energy workers, and whomever they could find to help solve what was going on in their homes and on their persons. We seem to be the last resort for many of them.

As a result we have had the incredible opportunity of leaving the confines of Sanpete Valley and venturing out to many locations, homes, and such to help others. The purpose of this site is to share what we have learned as a result of helping others. The stories are real, the names and locations have been changed.

It is probable that some that have not been around this before will not understand what we are sharing, others will reject it (not a problem with us), and hopefully it will help open many other people’s understanding of what hell can and does do, and how to combat or stop it.

If you need help I’d suggest a really thorough reading of Conquering Spiritual Evil [Volume One]. Then ask your family, friends, and priesthood elders for help. But most of all, I’d turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for help. We can truly overcome evil with His help, repenting and turning to Him. He can teach us all things.

Hopefully this site will be of benefit for many of you. Welcome to the strange world we entered [in 1999/2000].