Doug Tales 86: Dogs and Angels

Many people shared with Doug Mendenhall their personal experiences with the spiritual coming into the physical. In Possibilities: Lesson From the Spirit (2001), pp. 53-55, a woman who cares for dogs talks about what happened when guardian angels became involved in her work:

A good friend of ours is a dog groomer. One day she was having trouble with a dog. Finally out of desperation, she asked that her guardian angels help her with this problem dog. The dog started to behave instantly. Now she regularly asks for help and receives it.

We received this e-mail from her:

“I have a small dog grooming shop in my home. Every day I ask for my angels’ help and things seem to go better. If a cut is particularly hard I ask for a grooming angel. A cut can turn from bad to great and I can never describe exactly how it happened. But mostly I just ask my guardian angels for help and comfort, especially when the dogs are nervous, scared or mean.

“One day I had a huge, very overweight dog and I was there alone. The bathtub is waist level and I use a lawn chair for them to climb on and then jump into the tub. This dog sat down and wouldn’t budge, not even an inch. I pulled, pushed, begged and pleaded. Nothing. Finally I asked my angels to give him a boost. He immediately got up and jumped on the chair and into the tub. That was so exciting it took me about ten minutes to quit laughing and start washing the dog. This has happened on several occasions since but it only seems to work when I am alone. If my husband is within calling distance to give me help then my angels don’t seem to make the dogs move. Maybe they think he needs the exercise! Or maybe they only help when you can’t help yourself.

“One day was more stressful than most. I was doing four poodles, all belonging to the same lady in my ward. They were her little darlings, like her children. The last one was old and blind and could fit in the palms of my hands. It was the mother to the other three. I took her off her noose to shave around her neck and at that time my husband walked in and I turned to say hi and I heard a thud. Somehow the little dog jumped off my four foot tall table, went flying through the air and landed on the hard floor.

“I knew I was in trouble. There was no way she could have survived without at least a broken leg. I instantly pictured everyone in the ward finding out that I had killed this sweet elderly lady’s dog. I gently picked it up and set it back on the table and no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. It wasn’t even bruised or shook up. I had a definite feeling that my angel had put his hand under the dog as she landed to cushion her and keep her from harm. There was no other explanation.

“I’m sure that they do things for me throughout the day that I don’t even know about but it was fun to be aware of this time and how much trouble I was saved from.”

The one thing I have always appreciated about this friend is her faith. She will hear something and ask if it’s true or not. After she gets a confirmation that it is, she will then implement the concept into her life. She has tremendous faith in our Savior.

Doug Tales 85: The War, Part Two

Many people act as if the war with evil is happening overseas and far away from them. To them, it’s a foreign operation with no local impact. Doug Mendenhall knew from experience that the real battlefront is here in our homes and neighborhoods. He had many experiences talking to individuals for whom negativity and darkness were a daily literal reality. He talks about some of those on the front lines of spiritual warfare in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), on pages 59-60:

“A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge and consequently more power than many men who are on earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” (Joseph Smith, History of the Church 4:588)

So Joseph said we need to get knowledge of these things or it may not bode well for us in the other world. We should seek revelation to assist us and give us knowledge. I know the Lord is willing if we are. All of us are surrounded by evil. I for one do not want to be brought into subjection to some evil entity for lack of knowledge when it is available to me now.

With some effort it is possible to understand how they work and how they can be brought into subjection. If we bring them into subjection then Zion might not be far behind, as we will be standing in holy places, and the adversary will have no power over us—he will be bound in that he will have no power over the hearts of the children of men.

Joseph Smith has said that we must search into and contemplate the darkest abyss and the broad expanse of eternity. Might it be important to understand the opposite of God in order to understand Him completely? Just a thought, but did we not come here to experience what we choose to call opposites—light and dark, sweet and sour, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, etc. “And it must needs be that the devil should tempt the children of men, or they could not be agents unto themselves; for if they never should have bitter they could not know the sweet.” (D&C 29:39)

Much of the time many families in the church encounter a lack of priesthood direction in the home. One time I was talking with several women; who would be considered strong LDS with strong LDS families. I sat there amazed as each one talked about family members who were having problems with demons, possession and basically all kinds of darkness. They indicated that their husbands don‘t or won‘t deal with the problems. They are too busy with their sports, television, and video games.

One of them said, “When I try to talk about spiritual things with my husband, he just says, ‘yes Honey,’ as he turns back to the television set.” The other woman talked about how her teenage son who is so scared of demons and their influence on with him that he’ll get under his covers at night and reach out with a long stick to turn off the light.

All of these women wished their husbands would step up and figure out how to help their children and families in this war. Most of the people I have met are begging for help and don’t know where to find it. It is important for priesthood holders to get active in this fight. Their families are suffering as a result of their non-participation.

Just recently I chatted with a woman from a nearby State. She and her children are gifted in that at times they can see spirits, both light and dark. Her oldest son brought home books about witchcraft and did what was necessary to invite dark spirits into their home; he opened a portal to the underworld. The mother and his siblings were able to see what was now coming into their home. When he came home from being with his friends they could see the dark spirits that surrounded him and were also in him. They dedicated their home and it helped for several days, then the dark spirits took over again. They didn’t know of anyone in their ward or stake that might help them, so they have suffered in silence for years now. The youngest daughter just went off to college and called her mother telling her that there was the spirit of a four-year-old girl that keeps coming to her. She asked her mother what she could do about it and the mother had no help to offer her.

Doug Tales 84: The War, Part One

What are the ways in which spiritual evil can be conquered? Are there any ways which do not involve awareness, vigilance, struggle, diligence and work, in addition to constantly seeking direction from our Savior Yeshua the Christ? Doug Mendenhall in his writings constantly points out the reality of the war with evil all around us. Some of his thoughts are in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012), on pages 56-58:

Brigham Young said: “I know very well that, whether we are active or not, the invisible spirits are active. And every person who desires and strives to be a Saint is closely watched by fallen spirits that came here when Lucifer fell, and by the spirits of wicked persons who have been here in tabernacles and departed them, but who are still under the control of the prince of the power of the air. Those spirits are never idle; they are watching every person who wishes to do right, and are continually prompting them to do wrong. This makes it necessary for us to be continually on our guard—makes this probation a continual warfare.” (Journal of Discourses 7:239)

Wilford Woodruff made similar comments: “Where are they (devils)? Some are in Salt Lake, some in New York, some in Amsterdam, some in Constantinople, some in Jerusalem; in fact, they are in every city and hamlet wherein the inhabitants of the earth dwell, and especially where there are any Latter-day Saints. And whether there are one hundred or not to every man, woman, and child, there are enough of them, at least, to labor for our overthrow. I say to my counselors, to the apostles, to the seventies, the high priests, the bishops, and all men who bear the Holy Priesthood, do you suppose these devils are around us without trying to do something? Are they asleep? Have they not a work to perform?

I say to my brethren who bear the priesthood, we have got a mighty warfare to wage with these spirits. We cannot escape it. What will they do to you? They will try to make us do anything and everything that is not right. These devils would be very glad to make me and my brethren think we are great men, smarter than anyone else; to divide us one against the other, and to cause us to seek to confess our brother‘s sins instead of our own. We should, therefore, watch ourselves well.” (The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff [1969], page 239)

After many experiences with people being possessed, full of devices, implants, hexes, curses, and otherwise afflicted, I have come to know that we truly are at war. It is just a continuation of the war before this life. I have chatted with those that have seen it, and they have assured me it wasn’t just a “war of words.” Some of us seem to want it to be just that, a philosophical debate. It was and is a real war. I have a feeling that to those on the other side of the veil this war exists and is being fought there as well as here.

I don’t even need to ask the question if the adversary is at war with us. We all know he is. But is it important for us to know this? Do we need to know how he works and what he does or can do? Would it be plausible that the Lord might need us in this battle that is still being waged? If we are ignorant of it, does it still affect us? If it’s in the invisible light spectrum and we can’t see it, does it still affect us? YES! It affects us every day. We can sit with our head in the sand, or we can become cognizant of the enemy, of the battle and what to do about it.

After my daughter’s three day near-death-experience, she has said very little publicly about the Lord taking her to see hell. Privately she has told us that she saw the adversary and his armies. She saw places where they make the weapons they use to inflict us; she saw demons making darts, spears, arrows, battleaxes, and so much more. She saw the devices they make and place on us mortals to control and cause us problems. Maybe it’s time to become one of those “stripling warriors” we love to talk about from the Book of Mormon, only on both battlefields—physical and spiritual. I mentioned this scripture before, but it is worth stating again:

“Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they truly manifest from heaven—These should then be attended to with great earnestness. Let no man count them as small things; for there is much which lieth in futurity, pertaining to the saints, which depends upon these things.” (D&C 123:13-15)

What is the Lord talking about when He says that we should attend to these things with “great earnestness” for we should not “count them as small things”? Then He goes on to say that as far as the saints go, there is “much which lieth in futurity . . . which depends on these things.” Sounds like we had better get busy and get understanding and with that understanding get wisdom, or we may not be of much value in this battle that is being waged.

Doug Tales 83: Ten Instead of Five, Redux

Doug Mendenhall had $12 in his pocket when a beggar asked him for some of it. Doug gave $5 unhesitatingly, despite not knowing when and if he would get more money or food himself. Then Doug describes another event a month before, when Doug gave all of the $10 he had to another person for food, even though he had hoped to keep the money for himself later in the day. These experiences and Doug’s perspectives on them are shared by him in Possibilities: Lessons From the Spirit (2001), on pages 55-59:

We have … learned that one reason angels are here is to provide us the opportunity to see if we will follow our Savior’s admonition to be like Him. On Christmas Eve 1999, our kids asked us if we could go out and eat as a family. We had spent all of November in the hospital with Denise. December was filled with physical and occupational therapy and all the unusual experiences. It was a very hard month. We literally had no money. We checked all our pockets and came up with forty dollars, all that we had to our name. So I said, “Why not? Let’s go to Temple Square to see the lights and then we can go to a fast food restaurant.”

The lights were incredible! It was fun to see how Denise responded to them. It was as if she was seeing things for the first time in her life. I have never heard so many “wows” or “holy cows” in my life. I guess, in a different way, she was seeing all of this for the first time.

After seeing the lights we ended up at a fast food restaurant. It was around 7 PM, Christmas Eve. They were going to close the restaurant at 8 PM. We ordered our food and sat down. The bill came to $28.00. After I paid the bill I had two fives and two ones left in my pocket.

We were talking, having a great time, when all of a sudden a man stuck a card in my face. I took the card and turned to look at him. He was older and appeared to be down on his luck. The card stated that he was deaf and a mute, and asked if I would give him “$2 to $5” to help him out. I turned the card over and saw there was sign language on the back.

It was Christmas Eve and we were feeling good, so I took a five dollar bill out of my pocket and handed it to him and told him to have a Merry Christmas. We watched as he went to the table next to us. The people were dressed very nice, leather coats and all. They shooed the man away. He then went to some firemen by the opposite door, and they gave him some money.

As he left the restaurant, the Spirit told me to ask my daughter if the man had a “white aura.” “Hey Denise,” I said, “did that man we gave the money to have a white aura?” She looked at him going out the door.

“Yea, Dad. How much money did you give him?” came the reply.

“Five bucks,” I answered.

“You should have given him ten,” was her response.

I later talked to her about the man. “Yes Dad, he was a translated being just testing people,” was her answer to my questioning. My mind went to Hebrews 13:2 where it states: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

I wondered how many times I had turned a “beggar” away in the street that wasn’t really a beggar. At that moment I resolved to not judge anyone. If I had the means, I would take care of or help them. I doesn’t matter if they are angels or just someone in need. I have learned that we are here to help each other. If they petition us for help, we should give it. It has nothing to do with worthiness. There are no “worthy or unworthy poor,” just brothers and sisters in need.

“And also, ye yourselves will succor those that stand in need of your succor; ye will administer of your substance unto him that standeth in need; and ye will not suffer that the beggar putteth up his petition to you in vain, and turn him out to perish. Perhaps thou shalt say: The man has brought upon himself his misery; therefore I will stay my hand, and will not give unto him of my food, nor impart unto him of my substance that he may not suffer, for his punishments are just—But I say unto you, O man, whosoever doeth this the same hath great cause to repent; and except he repenteth of that which he hath done he perisheth forever, and hath no interest in the kingdom of God.

For behold, are we not all beggars? Do we not all depend upon the same Being, even God, for all the substance which we have, for both food and raiment, and for gold, and for silver, and for all the riches which we have of every kind?” (Mosiah 4:16-19).

I asked Denise why she had said that I should have given the man ten bucks, instead of the five I had given him.

“You’ll see,” came the cryptic reply.

The next Sunday after church, a man from our congregation showed up on our doorstep. My wife answered the door. “Sister Mendenhall,” he said, “I was sitting in church today and for some reason opened up my wallet. In it was a fifty dollar bill. Now I never have any money in my wallet, so I don’t know where it came from. But then the Spirit whispered to me to take it to the Mendenhalls and give it to them. So here you go, it’s yours.” He then handed the money to my wife.

Denise was right, I did see. I came home a short time later and Dianne related what this dear man had said and done. I am sure the Lord smiled love at Br. Tanner that day and welcomed him into His arms when he passed away a short while later. We were so grateful as it was money sorely needed for food.

The incident made me reflect on something we had experienced the month before while Denise was still in the hospital. Our oldest daughter had spent the night with Denise at the hospital, so I was able to stay home. We got up the next morning and got the kids off to school. As we were heading out the door, Dianne asked if we had enough money to eat at a local restaurant. I was so tired of the hospital food that said yes. We had twenty dollars between us.

As we walked into the restaurant, we went by a woman in a stocking cap, sitting drinking her coffee. The Spirit told me to buy breakfast for her. I groaned inside. We barely had enough for us to eat, and then I was to spend the entire day and night at the hospital. I would have no money.

After we sat down, I told Dianne what the Spirit had told me. “Well,” she said, “you had better do what it said.” Dianne’s faith astounded me, always has. She just does. I don’t even know if she thinks about it. In my mind I started adding up the cost of three breakfasts and wondering if I could keep a few dollars to spend at the hospital for food. The numbers didn’t come out in my favor.

We ordered two specials, ate, and left the tip. On the way out, after paying the cashier for our food, we left the remaining ten dollars at the register and told the hostess that it was to pay for the woman seated by herself, pointing to the woman in the stocking cap. We then walked out.

Out in the car I started to whine a little. “Dianne,” I said, “now I don’t have any money for food at the hospital. I have to stay there all day and night. You won’t be up until tomorrow morning some time. Besides, we have no money at home.” All I got out of her was that “It will all be OK.”

We drove by a friend’s home to drop off some papers on the way up to Primary Children’s Medical Center. I ran them to the door and said hello to both friends, then ran back to the car as we were late.

As I was pulling out of the driveway, our friend came running out of her house. I thought I had forgotten to give her something and started to look in the back seat for more papers. She was yelling, “I’m supposed to give you this,” waiving something in her hand. I stopped and she ran up to the car window. Was I ever surprised as she handed me a one hundred dollar bill and told us how much she loved us. I drove to the hospital in humbled silence, realizing that God uses even us as His angels at times….

The Lord calls those who serve others His disciples. Since all of us in one way or another are servants of the Lord, I believe this scripture can apply to all of us: “Whoso receiveth you receiveth me; and the same will feed you, and clothe you, and give you money. And he who feeds you, or clothes you, or gives you money, shall nowise lose his reward. And he that doeth not these things is not my disciple; by this ye may know my disciples.” (D&C 84:89-91)

As I said before, my family has been blessed by many angels, which are also disciples of the Lord. We appreciate and love each one of them.

Doug Tales 82: Traveling, Part Two

“I’m used to it” was the statement by Doug Mendenhall’s daughter when talking about traveling in the spirit versus someone without much experience trying to do the same thing. Doug shares about his spirit flying at night in My Peace I Give Unto You (2001), pp. 107-108:

Was I awake? It didn’t feel like I had slept. I went to bed very excited at the prospect of flying with my daughter but now, the next morning, I was tired and worn out. The clock said I had slept eight hours. It felt more like two. Who had been messing with my clock?

I sat up in bed just as Denise bounded through the door. “Daddy, Daddy! Boy, did we have fun last night! You went flying all over.” Her enthusiasm was contagious and I smiled weakly.

“Did I fly most of the night? Is that why it doesn’t feel like I slept at all?” I asked.

“You did big loop-de-loops,” she made circles with her arm, “through the sky and you laughed a lot!” Her eyes twinkled and she started giggling at what must have been her memory of our time together.

“I kind of remember doing circles or something.” Fuzzy images tempted me to try to remember more. “Is that why I’m so tired?”

“Yes, but it was worth it!” she answered. I wished I could remember. Maybe then I would be convinced it was worth it, too.

“How come you’re not tired like me?” I asked.

“You don’t leave your body as much as I do. I’m used to it.”

Doug Tales 81: Traveling, Part One

Years ago, Doug Mendenhall was introduced to the concept of one’s spirit being able to travel while a person’s physical body is sleeping (and at other times). He describes learning about such traveling and much more in My Peace I Give Unto You (2001), pp. 105-107:

“What do you mean you travel?” I asked in disbelief.

Four days ago my life had completely changed. My ten-year-old daughter had told me she could see the spirit world like I could see this world. Even though Denise wouldn’t answer every question I put to her, she answered enough to create a hurricane within my soul. Question after question either confirmed or denied things that I had long held to be true.

She created shifts in my whole system of beliefs. My views of death and our existence here were changing. My experience with the oneness while Denise was in the hospital had opened me up and I was now being filled.

“I leave and go wherever I want to.” She replied.


“Yes.” She smiled.

She knew my next question. Since telling me about the spirit world I realized that she could tell what I was thinking. This bothered me at first until I realized she didn’t do it very often. In fact, she seemed to do it only when I was asking her questions or while we were playing games.

“I went to see my brother in Honduras last night.”

She couldn’t say Honduras yet, but she sure tried.

“You saw your brother last night?”

This was starting to become a fantasy trip. I believed the fantastic things she told me, I just couldn’t understand why.

“Yeah, and he’s okay.”

“Can you go across the ocean?”

“Duh, I can go anywhere I want.”

“Does anybody go with you?”

I secretly wanted to have the experience she was describing. To fly anywhere in the world under my own power was a childhood fantasy.

“Sometimes my teachers.”

“Teachers? What teachers?”

It seemed that every answer she gave invited two more questions I hadn’t thought of until her answer.

“ . . .God’s men.” There was frustration on her face. She went over to a child’s Bible and opened it to the pictures of ancient prophets. “These guys.”

“You mean prophets? You are taught by ancient prophets?” I was dazed.

She hesitated for just an instant. “Yeah, those guys. Sometimes they come to teach me things or take me places.”

Through our entire conversation, she would often look past my left shoulder after my question as if she was being coached by someone. It felt like she was just relaying answers to me from an anonymous person.

“Who are you talking to?” I looked over my shoulder as if I could see someone I couldn’t identify.


I was dumbfounded. No other answer could have left me more speechless. I believed my little girl! If she said that my Savior was standing next to me, I knew He was. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer of gratitude and felt a heat to my left.

“Is He,” I pointed to where I felt the heat, “giving you all the answers?”

“Not all of them.”

“Does He . . . take you and teach you?”


My Savior was in the same room with me. My heart leapt for joy. Then I thought of my sins. I wasn’t worthy to be in His presence.

Denise giggled at my reaction. “Daddy, it’s okay, you don’t have to be perfect. He loves you anyway.” She read my heart and I knew she was right. Worthiness was not the question, faith was. I smiled; I wanted to know Him.

“What does He look like? . . . Does He look like that?”

I pointed to a picture of the Savior hanging in the living room.

“No, more like . . .” she went to the hallway and removed a picture, “this, this is what He looks like, except He smiles a lot more.”

I sat staring at the picture. It was as if I was introduced to Him for the first time. In an instant He became more than a being out there somewhere, a concept or a symbol. He became tangible to me, I felt I knew His face. I felt an incredible love for Him.

“Will He let you tell me about traveling?” Denise became my interpreter. I looked at her but knew I was talking to Him.


“Will He let you take me traveling?”

“Yes, He said that I can take you with me tonight if you want to go, but you won’t remember it.” She smiled. She knew exactly what I wanted.

I looked to my left where I still felt the heat and silently thanked Him for understanding and loving me.

Doug Tales 80: Following Him

Doug Mendenhall talks in his writings in many ways about our following the Savior. The following is an excerpt from his blog post, “Encounters, Part Two,” originally posted on May 22, 2020, and later printed in Conquering Spiritual Evil Blog Posts 2020 (2021) on pages 443-444:

Are you honestly a disciple? In word only? You can’t be, that won’t fly. It requires work, testimony, fasting, much prayer, more fasting, scriptures and wearying Him out asking and asking again. So get messy, launch yourself into His world, the world of spirits, connecting with Him….

Let Him fill your heart with His peace and love. The mess can be cleaned up, taken care of. If you don’t try, then there is no mess. You can be an orderly little mind controlled robot and go with the flow, the mainstream where it is “safe” and secure. Chances are you will not encounter Christ there. Though you will have men tell you they will give you His word and direction, so you needn’t worry as they pat you on the head.

Or you can follow Him, on the so called fringe, where they will ridicule you and call you out. Just like they did to all of His true disciples in times past. Things don’t change, so why believe you will find Him in the flow of the mainstream. Shake off those shackles that bind you down. Take a chance on Him and do what He says. Will it inconvenience you? Absolutely. Is it worth any price? Again, absolutely….

I hope you know where you stand with Him. May all of us have many encounters with Light. Don’t worry, it probably will be messy at the start trying to figure out who you are encountering, light or dark. That is just the way it is and it isn’t wrong to make mistakes. When He asked if I’d do His work, I told Him that I had heard He didn’t pay very well. I think about that comment now and want to hide. He forgave me. He always will forgive. All of us.

God bless.

Doug Tales 79: Not So Fuzzy or Warm

Doug Mendenhall did not take holidays from sharing (or serving) whenever he felt he was being asked to. In this unpublished email of Doug’s from July 4, 2016, he writes about the superhuman strength of possessed people, looking at one’s faults, being asked to talk about your very personal mistakes, pyramids helping plants to grow, and experiencing Christ’s healing.

Are you reading the same news reports I am?  Those doing exorcisms report a doubling of people requesting help. You have mothers slitting their babies’ throats, dads throwing young kids off buildings because the voice told them to do so. What voice would that be?

Just got home from a trip with my bud for two weeks. I talked to a relative of his who is a doctor that works in the ER and he told us about a man the police brought in. Seems when one of the officers took him down the man basically bench pressed this much larger officer and threw him off like a rag doll. The only way the two officers could subdue him was to taser him. They took him to the ER to get the taser hooks removed and to get a blood test. Normally they suppose a person is on meth when they have superhuman strength like that. He had a small amount of marijuana in his system, no meth or other drugs. Interesting.

My daughter worked at a home for troubled girls where it would take four or five grown women to subdue a smallish, four foot something, 80 pound girl. She had superhuman strength. None of the “holds” or points they would normally put pressure on thereby causing pain worked with her, she felt no pain. Also interesting.

How about the “zombie” man the officers found eating the face of other man and the only thing they could do to stop him was to shoot him? He had superhuman strength.

Kitten told me once how the demons that possess people know how to activate the adrenal glands, thereby giving the possessed person superhuman strength. But hey, it’s nothing to worry about, go back to sleep, I’m sure it will all get better real soon. Isn’t Zion almost here?

In the past I hesitated to talk about such things. Many people only desire to look at the roses. Not that doing so is bad. In one of my last emails I mentioned about the election and had a “good” friend declare that I was evil because I was going to vote for Trump (something I NEVER said) and she wanted to be removed off of this list. I was more than glad to accommodate her. If you prefer not to hear about real life and possible solutions, then by all means, please get off my email list and go back to sleep. I will not sugar coat anything anymore. I had supposed we were all adults here.

We have had people ask us to come and help with dark portals or to help clear entities off of them or family members. I have done so alone and at times with Kitten and sometimes when asked about how their problems came about we end up being quite blunt. There are times when the portals had been placed there anciently and other times where they caused them by their actions. Some have welcomed that information and others haven’t. If you don’t want the truth, then please don’t ask for help. The truth may hurt, not be so nice, and not make you look all pretty and gussied up, or feel warm and fuzzy. I am surprised how many of us, me included, don’t want to let go of our “crap.” Hey, it might be embarrassing, do you think?

Maybe you will luck out and the Lord will tell you to write a book about faults so all the world can see how amazing you are. Like when we did our first book, My Peace I Give Unto You, and we were visiting the artist that was painting the cover. Her husband had read a rough draft and told Rob that it was an interesting book, that he knew “it was fiction, but still no one will believe the story because no one could be as dumb as this little girl’s father. He takes one step forward and two steps backward. You need to make it more realistic, the father is too stupid.” Rob started to crack up and said it wasn’t fiction. I told the man that I was the dummy that kept taking two steps back for each one forward and the story was true. We got a good laugh out of it, well they did anyway, the “dummy” was embarrassed. Did I want my many foibles broadcast to provide all of you entertainment? Not on your life.

Later during seminars, every time Denise would pause during a talk and look at me I’d get that funny feeling. “Dad, He wants me to tell this story and it’s about you.” I’d duck my head and say, “Go ahead.” I guess He requires that of us at times. Though through it all I have learned much and am grateful for that. I know that I don’t know that much and am okay with that, and the Lord seems to be okay with it, He keeps working with me.

So if you ask us to come and we have a chat and it isn’t pretty, just know you can’t hold a candle to me for sheer stupidity. My ultimate being soon after we found out about Denise and I had come to the conclusion that a child up at Primary Children’s Medical Center needed a blessing from me, the big “priesthood holder.” Of course I asked the “oracle chick” and she agreed with all I had said. So we took off to PCMC so the big priesthood holder could bless some kid’s life. We walked all the floors more than a few times, stopping in front of each room and I couldn’t find where the kid was. Denise was no help.

Finally I called a friend and he came up. He brought his son, so he and Denise took off walking. Anything was better than being with the big priesthood holder at that point and besides, he was sixteen and cute. My friend and I chatted and then he pulled out a letter he had written to his father to read to me. As he read I realized his voice had changed and it was the Lord there speaking to me. The Lord proceeded to chasten me like I’ve never been chastened in my life. I remember putting my head to the back of the couch, closing my eyes and begging for it to be over. He told me that if I didn’t quit trying to use Denise’s gifts for my benefit that He’d take me out. And He didn’t mean on a date. I figured at that point I was so small and insignificant that if I could find a rock I could hide under it. His fuego (Spanish for fire) lasted quite some time and I felt burnt, small, stupid, and so much more.

It finally ended and Denise came back. I told her what had happened and she said she knew. “He was really mad at you Dad.” No kidding. So until He shows up and threatens your very existence, don’t feel so bad if He has us tell you how it is. It has always amazed me when people have told me that Christ never gets mad. They don’t know Him very well. Yes, He loves us and I knew He did me, that is why He came to save me from myself.

Want to hear a cool story now that I have depressed you? This family came to the workshop about the pyramids and such. They sent me this the other day. (I have changed their names.)

“Jed bought a goji berry bush for his garden spot. It was immediately attacked by bugs. With only a few leaves left, we dug it up and transplanted it to a pot to keep inside the home. I told Jed to send it lots of love and energy after we transplanted it because I didn’t think that it would make it. 2 weeks later, I am staring amazed at a plant that has grown from a few leaves and 3 1/2 inches tall to beautiful bush 22 inches tall on its longest branch. I thought, ‘Wow, Jed must have given that plant a lot of love.’ Immediately comes the impression, ‘Veronica, look to the side of it.’ I did and there sat the pyramid you gave us in class that we had put our garden seeds under. A flood of realization hit me that the energy of the pyramid had done it. I also glanced at all of the other plants around that have suddenly been growing so healthy. (The tone of the impression seemed to be amused that I hadn’t and wouldn’t figure it out on my own. Does Christ ever laugh at you?) Anyway last week I cut, painted, and taped 7 more pyramids that have been outside until last night’s threatened rain. It is clear now so I plan to put them back outside. Cool stuff.”

Does Christ ever laugh at me? Some days I feel like I’m heaven’s entertainment. Yes, He laughs with us, though Kitten has said he rolls His eyes often at my incredible jokes………

A friend who is reading the latest book made the comment to me that it is like she is reading the principles of translation. How interesting…….

You all take care and have a great holiday,


PS  One last thing I’m to share though I don’t really understand it. My lower back had a real bad pinched nerve at the L4 vertebrae on the right side and then my right hip started going out of the socket. I had to go on this trip with Dave to Arkansas and kind of begged the Lord to tell me not to go. He told me to go. The pain was so intense I could hardly get out of the truck. By the time we got there I was bent over like a pretzel and could hardly walk. After a week of this I’d had enough.

I had been reading a book about the physics of miracles and it said a few things that kind of struck me. So I decided to go into a past reality where my nerve wasn’t pinched and my hip wasn’t going out of the socket and brought that reality into the present. The pain went away. I walked into the room where Dave was and he looked shocked I was walking normal. I told him what I did and that I didn’t understand it, but was I ever grateful it worked. Maybe the Lord had pity on me and just took the problems away. The rest of the trip was awesome as I could actually work and not have so much pain….

Like my friend’s son who had accidentally cut his hand and came back fifteen minutes later with no sign of the cut. “I told myself that I had already had this experience and I chose not to have it again and it went away.” Is that bringing spiritual into the physical reality?

Doug Tales 78: Primary Portals are One, Two, Three

Doug Mendenhall emailed a group of individuals over the years on many topics. Here is one of his unpublished emails from June 19, 2016, about a woman and her young daughter’s experiences with spiritual evil at a church building.

Hey Friends,

I want you to know that I have no desire to send out this email so soon. But it seems there are lessons that Someone wants taught. So here goes.

A good friend’s daughter teaches Primary in the LDS church and had a few interesting experiences as a result. For those of you that think evil can’t get you, doesn’t affect you, you are immune, or too pure for it to have any effect, I hope you read real carefully. In the following story we will see evil attack an “innocent” four year old, in Primary. And then even the entire class of Sunbeam children. Some will say that evil can’t attach or affect a child under eight. Really? Tell this mother that. Hey remember in one our books where I mentioned talking to a grandmother who would visit her grandson in a “care” center and see huge spiders appear on his cheek and then disappear? How’s that work? Or the amazing amount of times I’ve helped people get the entities off of and out of their children after a visit to some of their relatives. Or a few emails ago when I mentioned a child’s visit to the carnival and becoming “zombified.” (Is that even a word?)

I will include most of this woman’s story. I have permission to share and I have changed the names. Emphasis has been added and some editing was done.

“Church on Sundays has been hellish for a long time, many months. I am a primary teacher. Leah, my daughter, and I, both come home grumpy, sad, and anxious. I cry after church every week! I mentioned it to my dad 2 weeks ago. The thought of portals being there came to both of us separately.

“The next Sunday, as usual, we had the same drama when we got home, so I thought I should cast out and make some lunch to help us. Maybe it was low blood sugar or something. I opened the paper where I had recorded a casting out prayer, planning on doing it quickly in the kitchen when a thought came immediate and strong …‘No, you need to be kneeling,’ so I went to kneel in the living room. Then I was told, ‘Nope, you need to sing a hymn.’ So I got up, got the hymn book, and was told to turn to Hymn 220. I turned to Hymn 220, ‘Lord, I Would Follow Thee.’ I went back into the living room and then I was told, ‘Sing it out loud.’ So I sang the first verse, left the Hymn Book open as I was impressed to do. I then repeated the Casting Out Prayer while on my knees as I was directed.

“All the while Leah was in her room screaming at the top of her lungs ‘No, Mom, no!’ After casting out I stayed on my knees and kept singing in my mind the other verses to the hymn as I remembered them. Leah is still screaming. I asked what was still there and I saw these metal 3D triangle things being pulled out of her. I asked how many there were and the answer was 100. I kept singing and adding faith. I asked, ‘How many now?’ The answer was ‘50.’ I sang and asked again, ‘15’ was the answer. Then, ‘It is done, 0.’ Immediately when the last device left, Leah was silent. She had still been screaming, ‘No, Mom, no!’ this whole time.

“I then asked God to fill her and fill any void with the true light of the Savior. I then expressed my gratitude. The phrase of the hymn, ‘To the wounded and the weary I would show a gentle heart’ popped into my head. I went into my daughter who was in her bedroom and sat down next to her. I asked her if I could hug her and she immediately climbed on my lap.

“This was an incredible experience – to be guided so clearly, simply, and exactly as to what would clear Leah and I! The enemy was something stronger that needed extra evidence of faith, like singing a hymn, leaving the hymn book open with Hymn 220 exposed, and having to be on my knees. It required a continuous show of faith.

“‘Thank you Lord!’ was my response multiple times!

“On the same day as this experience, unbeknownst to me, my Dad went for a walk around the church to see what he could sense. Coming around the back of the church where the general primary room is he felt a chilly breeze and the hair stand up on the back of his neck. This sensation intensified as he walked past my classroom, alongside the clerk’s and bishop’s office, and the chapel. He took careful note that nothing around him, neither leaves nor grasses, stirred with any breeze.

“When faced with the question of teaching the next Sunday, Dad and I talked and he felt that we had 2 personal soldier escorts for Leah and I, at all times, and 4 angels to create sacred and safe space for us in the classroom, we would be okay.

“That next Sunday Leah and I knelt down and prayed for the Lord, the escorts, and the angels to hold sacred, safe space for us and all those that would be in the primary. Before we went to church I felt no anxiety. The primary children, though still young, seemed to be more relaxed as well.

“I asked to see our protectors while there, but didn’t. I must have been too busy teaching ten 3-4 year old children.

“When we left Leah said ‘Mom, we need to pray before we go to church every time!’

“Mom says she meditated while we were there and could see and participate in the fight for our safe space.

“It is early the next Sunday morning. We will pray and I’ll try to be open to what I need to do to create safety for us amongst hell’s portal.

“The shield did not hold today. There was an instant while I was teaching that every child went crazy, it was like a light switch had just been flipped! They all began coloring on the walls! As we tried to move them away from the walls they began coloring on themselves! Leah and I left church and went straight to my Dad for a blessing. My brother helped and mom added energy. I wondered if it was my lack of faith, or how the dark would win the light. My dad had the thought of toys come to mind, I remembered that we had just introduced crayons from the library at that time. Perhaps there was something attached that entered our shield.

“After we got cleared with the blessing, Dad called Doug and Doug called Kitten for confirmation. It was confirmed that it is a very large portal and it is getting stronger. They confirmed my impression not to take my daughter back to the building. But although there were intense threats, they ‘saw the heavens rejoice, for a daughter of God, a righteous woman, did what was necessary to protect her daughter.’ My eyes teared and I said, ‘You mean I did something right?’ Dad said, ‘You have done lots right to get to where you could listen and act with the angels.’ What a blessing straight to my heart!”

What a great experience.  Especially since as was stated, a righteous daughter of God stepped up to the plate, listened to the Spirit, and did what she was told to do to clear her daughter of evil entities and 100 devices that had been placed in her. Heaven did rejoice over such a thing. Praise God!

When I talked to her father there was concern for the other 13 children that had been present and attend nearly every week where a nasty portal is. What will they be bringing home with them? Will it affect the rest of the family? What about other classes in that part of the building. It is up to their guardians or stewards to offer them protection, we can’t step on others agency.

I know, some will say that the adversary can’t do anything to children and surely can’t put portals in a church. Tell that to our friends in Arizona that bought an old LDS chapel and lived there for over twenty years with many portals there that had been created shortly before the church opened many decades ago. Evil will put portals wherever they can, even in any church.

We closed a powerful portal last week in the back yard of a home that had been there since Nephite times. (The portal, not the home. Yes, I know how some of you are.) Ever wonder why a long time ago First Nation people had the medicine man or shaman check where they wanted to build their homes or place their lodges? Now you know why. Before you move into a home it might be a good idea to know what’s there. Because it surely will affect you and your family, no matter their ages. It also might be a good idea to teach your older children how to protect themselves and to protect those young ones. After all, it is your stewardship. Those that believe evil can’t bother you or your children, no problem. Just keep them away from this particular church building……..

I sure hope we all will step up to the plate and learn what is needed to protect and clear our own families and those under our stewardship!!!

Take care and happy Father’s Day to you old and young geezers (me included),


Doug Tales 77: With Friends Like These

Doug Mendenhall cautions on page 77 of Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020) to learn from the experience of a woman who had dark entities cleared from her. She did not take Doug’s advice to include in her repentance a positive and continual seeking of light.

Some years ago a man brought his wife to my home and said that for many years she had talked to four entities that were within her. She had enjoyed many years of “companionship” with them, but lately they had become belligerent and wanted to control her more than she wanted to be controlled. She told me she was to the point that she wanted them removed and out of her life. Because she asked, hands were laid on her head and the entities were cast out. She said she could feel them leave and was happy to have them gone. I cautioned her that she may be lonely, as they had been with her for many years and she needed to fill that void. I suggested she fill it with the Savior Jesus Christ, reading scriptures and with prayer. She assured me that she would be fine.

A week later her husband called and asked what would happen if she invited the entities to come back? I told him that the scriptures declare that stronger ones would come back and bring friends. [See Matthew 12:43-45, especially the Joseph Smith translation.] He said that sounded about right. She had become lonely for them and had invited them back and was now in real trouble.