Month: December 2023

Doug Tales 150: The Weak and the Simple

Doug Mendenhall returned again and again in his talks and writings to the great contrast between how the Lord does His work and ways the world works. Twenty years ago, Doug focused on the weak and the simple… Read More

Doug Tales 149: Put Back Together

One way the spiritual can come into the physical is when spiritual work is done to heal a person with multiple personalities. Doug Mendenhall writes about two experiences with individuals being healed of such splits in their spirits… Read More

Doug Tales 148: Head in the Sand

“If any of you need some shampoo, let me know” is how Doug Mendenhall concludes this email from June 16, 2017 which he titled, “Head in the Sand.” He talks about us ignoring or neglecting what is in… Read More

Doug Tales 147: Blessings and Clearings, Part Four

Doug Mendenhall continues with things he learned about blessings and clearings in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume Two (2020), pp. 95-97. Notice that even when he is talking about other things, Doug is always talking—at core—about Christ. In a… Read More