Doug Tales 165: Mind Control, Part Two

In the world and society around us, we are told that “smart people” and experts are those able to memorize and regurgitate information. In contrast, intelligence in heaven is manifested by those able to recognize, see, and make use of the patterns around them. Doug Mendenhall argues in I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 82-86 that an essential way to avoid being mind controlled is having a true knowledge of our history, present, and future:

One of the many ways the Adversary uses mind control is with the idea of being right. We see this in many organizations, political parties, religions, secular groups, etc. Wars are fought over who’s right. They fight for a belief system that they “know” is a reality, a truth. Also some people feel strongly that evolution is true and that it trumps the “creation.” They will argue very strongly to prove they are right. The theory is even taught as fact in education.

One of the greatest threats to an established entity that uses mind control is an informed people. For example, if you cut off a people from their true origins, you have a people that you can control and enslave. True history combined with an informed public is a threat to the establishment. You will find that institutions use knowledge to control instead of to enlighten and uplift. One author was kicked out of his church because he wrote a book about some of the institution’s true history. There are many that have decided that they alone are the arbiter of truth based on what’s comfortable for them. So lesson manuals are used over and over because the information is both good and safe. It then becomes comfortable to the people.

I was sent an email with the following statements written by a Michael Boldea:

“In order to control a people you must first do away with hope, followed closely by doing away with its history and rewriting it to your own liking. If someone knows where they come from, the history of their ancestry, what their forefathers accomplished, where they failed, and how they were preserved, there is a connection, and there is something other than the system and the powers that be.

“Anyone who hopes to mold and reshape a people to their own nefarious ends cannot build upon the foundation of the past but rather tear it down, bulldoze it, pave over it, and start anew with a construct and design of their own choosing.

“You can’t get someone to hate who they are by insisting their forefathers did some bad things but also a lot of good. You have to convince them they were vile, evil men and women whose only desire was the subjugation of their fellow man; individuals who walked around with bloodlust in their eyes looking for their next hapless victim.

“If you can eradicate someone’s past, you can shape their present and dictate their future. Cast enough doubt on any one person’s history and ancestry, cast enough doubt on any one nation’s acts and activities, and eventually you can talk someone into doubting absolutely everything.

“If a certain thing I held dear turned out not to be true, what else isn’t true about me, my family, my ancestry, or my nation?

“What is currently happening in America is psychological warfare at its most brutal. The sheep have already been culled, and so it’s easy to brainwash them, bombard them with misinformation, and steer them toward a particular set of responses whenever and wherever you have need of a large group of useful idiots.

“Thinking for oneself has become taboo practice in America, and God help you if you refuse to fall in line and bleat along with the rest of the sheep. You are free to speak your mind as long as your mind is the hive mind, as long as you parrot what they themselves have parroted on down the line, without ever taking a step back and seeing the idiocy you are regurgitating for what it is.

“There is a deeper, more nefarious purpose to systematically dismantling this nation’s history and it has nothing to do with what is being trumpeted as the cause of the displeasure.

“By now we should be used to smokescreens and sleight of hand but it would seem our predisposition to give the powers that be the benefit of the doubt still plays into whether or not we have our eyes open to the reality of all that is taking place around us.

“With so many spinning plates, and so many eager to take a sledgehammer to our kneecaps while we’re attempting to spin said plates, it’s only a matter of time. It’s not as though we didn’t know these days were coming. Nevertheless, it is a strange feeling to be living them.”

We are going to explore some of the methodologies of mind control in this book. Hopefully we will learn and understand what has been and is being done to us. This needs to be known and understood in order to defeat it. We need to shine a light on the roaches that use mind control, no matter the institution. I say roaches because they prefer the dark; they love to keep us in the dark.

Take history for an example. As the above quote talks about, people who don’t know history, therefore can’t see the patterns that keep returning because history does repeat itself. The controllers have altered much of history, both secular and religious, to their advantage and keep the masses in the dark. They set themselves up as the keepers of knowledge.

A very good example is the Smithsonian Institute’s cover up of the giants that roamed this land both before and after the great flood. (See: John Morse, “The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up: 18 Giant Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin,” Chronicle, May 5, 2015,  Any time any bones have been found their representatives showed up and took them away. Why? It’s not because people might fear such a thing, knowing that giants roamed this planet.

Author and researcher, Steve Quayle, believes it is because knowledge of ancient giants destroys what has become the dogma of evolution. If we knew our ancestors were 9 to 15 feet tall, it might show us that physically, we have de-evolved. A good friend came up with a great quote, “History is not a sin.” If we don’t know our history, we can be taught many false things and be controlled by them.