Doug Tales 164: Mind Control, Part One

There are those that believe that everyone manipulates, and the only real difference is how well they do it (and seem to get away with it). In contrast, to conquer spiritual evil includes trusting our Savior Jesus Christ to take care of us and relying on Him, and not on our varying abilities to manipulate and control. In I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 79-82, Doug Mendenhall pulls back the curtain to reveal mind control happening on a large scale in the world we live in today:

We need to understand the concept of what a “right” is. Rights are identified in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and “The Bill of Rights.” But what does “right” mean?

The definition I would choose to use is this: A right is an action that does not cause harm to another human being. A “wrong” action is one that does cause harm to another human being. Our rights come from what is called God’s law, spiritual law, or even natural law. One of the main laws of God is that of agency, which declares that we have no right to impede or deny the agency of another human.

If I don’t have a right to cause people harm, take away their agency, by using compulsion, control or dominion, what makes people think they have the right to do so just because they hold a position of authority such as a legislator? If I don’t have the right to demand that you give me money so I can pay my massive bills, what gives any man the right to legislate that right for themselves or for the community?

Does God’s law? I don’t think so. Can we legislate morality? Can people be forced to be good? I believe that Satanism wants us to think we can do that and “authority” creates the right to do so. Through mind control they have “helped” many of us think this way.

For example, recently my State put a law on the books that mandates that when you are in a car, you must wear a seatbelt or the police will stop you and fine you. Legislators feel they have the right to go against my God-given agency and force me to wear a seat belt. I am not debating the benefits of wearing a seat belt, that is a given, just the God-given right to do as I desire when my actions are not hurting another human being.

We have been mind controlled to the point that we willingly take away other’s God-given rights, even by violence if necessary. Most have no idea what a God-given right is and believe it is perfectly fine for someone in “authority” to take away freedoms by extortion, garnishment, and even causing harm to someone if the “state” (or even a religion) has declared they have the power to do so. We will stand there like willing slaves and allow it.

When I was conducting workshops, I used a word game to illustrate mind control. I said a word, and the group would say the first word that popped into their head. With the word “popcorn,” most said “movie.” With “occult” most people said “evil.”

Occult is a Latin word. This is what it means:

Occult— Latin adjective, occultus—hidden from sight

Latin verb, occultare—to hide, to conceal, to keep secret

Derived from the Latin noun, oculus—“eye”

We have been mind controlled to believe that anything hidden or secret is evil. Is this true? No. Some religions, civil organizations, and investigative departments (CIA, FBI) have things hidden and secret. But occult has been associated with evil so much that people believe that is the true use of the word. That is a type of mind control. So when a religion, for example, that teaches values and virtues for a healthy society has sacred teachings “hidden” from the general public, the religion is called “occult.” And Satan smiles.

The “mind controllers” (elite policy-makers) have two bodies of knowledge they want to keep hidden from us. First—they don’t want us to understand the human psyche/mind and how it operates. Second—they don’t want us to understand God’s law (natural law) and the physical sciences. The so called “elite” or Satanists have understood these things for thousands of years and want the general public to remain ignorant. Unfortunately we unconsciously comply.

There are many systems that use mind control in this world. Business uses it, as does education, governments, dictators, socialists, military, police, and dare I say that even religions use mind control over their adherents.

There are two general characteristics of systems that use mind control and manipulation to advance its aims:

1. Hierarchically Structured—set up in levels, in which those in higher levels are the administrators, the governing committee, the CEOs, the President or chairman with their advisors. This is the structure of governments, military, spy agencies, universities, business, and even religious organizations.

The lower level people—those being governed, the masses, are the drones or laborers who are just working hard and not paying any attention to the “uppers.” They just do the work. The only way most of these people know about what is going on is through small releases of information that the leaders give out or accidental leaks of information.

2. It must be compartmentalized. Each sub-system really doesn’t know what the others are doing. A good example is the school system in which policy or curriculum changes are made at the top, and then the teachers are told what they are now going to teach. The teachers must obey (or possibly lose their job and pension) even if they feel the changes are detrimental.

These systems operate in an occult (hidden) nature. There are things of Light that are hidden; we call them the mysteries in the scriptures.

Those who manipulate for gain or control are found in nearly every organization it seems, especially the mega ones such as government and other organizations with large followings. These dark administrators have hidden agendas and don’t want us to discover their methodologies. Because when we do, we are then able to protect ourselves against their influence. This is what the mind controllers don’t want, so they warn us to stay away from the occult or in religious jargon, from the mysteries. It is all about control. The manipulators tell us that we will be taken care of; we just need to do what they say. Most of them have us so robotically mind controlled we do their bidding without using the mind that God gave us. We see this in governments, political systems, huge businesses, and even in long-established churches.

What better way to control us than to dissuade us from looking into the very techniques they are using to control us? If they can get us thinking it’s all evil and therefore we have no business looking into it, they have us right where they want us because we will never understand the techniques that are being developed against us.