Doug Tales 163: Balance, Part Two

Are my actions in harmony—in balance—with my thoughts and feelings? Am I even aware of others trying to overtly and covertly manipulate my thoughts, feelings and actions? Or, when I am seeking to manipulate and exercise control over others? Doug Mendenhall points out various facets of our need to be in balance internally before we see balance outside of ourselves in I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 75-78:

The advantage dark occultists have is that they are in unity with themselves and understand how consciousness works. They may be evil, sick, and twisted, but because they are in unity, they have a real easy time manipulating the rest of us. Many people choose actions that go against their thoughts and feelings, and use all kinds of justifications.

Many years ago I would be on the road for two weeks and home for a week. My wife and I had six children, and it was quite hard on her raising them alone for two weeks. I had the “brilliant” idea that if I threatened the kids enough while I was home, that if I became a big enough tyrant, they would obey out of fear while I was gone. My screaming and threats were horrific and made me feel sick, but I felt I needed to do it so they wouldn’t cause my wife problems. I loved them, but what I was doing felt horrible. My actions were in complete opposition to my thoughts and feelings for my children.

If our actions go against our thoughts and feelings, it takes us off the path of truth, the Lord’s path, and everyone suffers. Unless we are aligned in thought, emotion, and action we can be easily manipulated. It is hard to hear the Spirit when we are in such a state or condition. I was in a mental schism, and also put my children into the same condition by causing them to be in a continual state of fear while I was home. No wonder that when I went on the road again, nothing changed.

None of what I did was based in Jesus Christ and His love. The emotion of anger may have a place at times, but it should not have been in my home as I sought to “parent” my children. It caused them to go into a state of fear. Fear closes awareness and consciousness down. Fear makes people not want to look, seek, understand, or act. It cuts people off from their higher nature. Fear is the opposite of faith. How can we hear the Lord God when we are in a constant state of fear or have a mind schism? We can’t. That is what the Adversary wants and has achieved. Is there any question why he reigns with blood and horror on this earth?

Manipulators understand how consciousness works and how natural law works. They understand how the principles of truth work and have decided to take that knowledge and use it as a weapon against other people that they wish to control. What is surprising is how many people don’t realize they are following the ways of Satan, when they manipulate, control, and exercise unrighteous dominion. It seems to have been ingrained into the very fabric of their DNA.

Much of this understanding has been taken out of general circulation, it has become occulted by design. This is why Cain gloried in his new found understandings. He could now control others for his profit and gain. He truly was Master Mahan, for he had been shown how the mind worked.

There are keys that unlock these doors:

1. Turn to Christ and repent. Humble ourselves and go to the Lord Jesus Christ knowing that He has already done this work Himself and knows how to help us accomplish it. He paid the price for all we have done and can succor us.

2. Recognize there is a problem. This requires a tremendous amount of introspective hard work. It is difficult to look inside of ourselves. It most likely will require the destruction of some belief systems and some long held traditions. We will be required to break barriers. Once again, think of Jesus Christ here.

3. We need to recognize that symptoms are merely effects of underlying causes. Instead of simply treating the symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the problem. It requires knowledge to solve the problem and knowledge requires work. This work takes time. Immediate gratification keeps people in their ignorance. Once again, it takes time to learn—spiritual currency is time and attention.

4. Once we have an accurate diagnosis, we take the required action necessary to repair the elements which led to the problems in the first place.

It is hard to have knowledge of something that is unattainable. Some declare that because knowledge has been hidden, it is not their fault for not understanding God’s law and operating under it. Then there are those who don’t know or understand something even though the necessary information is present, but they have willfully refused or disregarded that information. They won’t study His word in order to learn and understand His laws, commandments, and ordinances. They won’t study Him in order to know how they should think, feel, and act. They claim ignorance, which carries blame.\

The underlying causes are how we think, feel, and act in our mind, spirit, and body. This is where causes are set into motion and where “spiritual” creation happens. The power to effectuate change lies here. The effects and consequences of our spiritual creation are our manifested realities, or what happens on the physical plane. There is no power to effectuate change here because the event has already happened. Change must happen in our mind, through the spirit, in accordance with the Lord’s will.

This will be explained further, along with solutions throughout this work. At this point we are still laying foundation.