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Doug Tales 31: Paula’s Story

A number of people who Doug Mendenhall met in his life have been able to listen to him, but for many reasons, did not take any further steps with the knowledge he shared. Doug treated them with kindness… Read More

Afar Off

How far away is “afar off” in D&C 101:54? In the middle of that section about preparing for and gathering to Zion, the Lord gives a parable about seeing “the enemy while he was yet afar off,” making… Read More

Doug Tales 30: Full Price

All sorts of experiences prompted Doug Mendenhall to reflect on things of the spirit. Soon after his daughter’s near-death experience, he stopped at a store selling woven baskets, and made connections about his and our capacity—and willingness—to learn… Read More

Doug Tales 29: Through Gratitude Comes My Peace

Doug Mendenhall shared openly in his writings about his reactions when his youngest daughter Denise went into a coma in 1999. At the time, the doctors at the hospital expected the worse, and Doug turned to God for… Read More

Doug Tales 28: Email Musings, Part Two

This unpublished email of Doug Mendenhall’s was sent to many of his friends on April 10, 2014. In it, Doug talks about dark cords opening conduits to hell, shielding from spiritual attacks, praying in a Pentecostal church, King… Read More

Doug Tales 27: Email Musings, Part One

For a number of years (before he started the Conquering Spiritual Evil blog in 2017), Doug Mendenhall sent out emails to many people about all kinds of topics. Here’s one of those unpublished emails written by Doug, this… Read More

Doug Tales 26: Liberty Sky

A lot can happen in two years. What’s the same and different in your life now compared to the summer of 2019? Around fifty years ago, one of Doug Mendenhall’s sighted friends was shown a potential still-future event… Read More

Doug Tales 25: All Things Will Come Full Circle

Doug Mendenhall spent much of his life seeking to know the truth of the past, present and the future through his personal experiences and following the Savior Jesus Christ. He constantly gave gratitude for what was shown to… Read More

Doug Tales 24: Heaven Took Notice

“Because the people gave of themselves, wanting nothing back, Heaven took notice.” Doug Mendenhall shares the backstory to the unique Country Gardens restaurant on pages 3-6 of I See…Arise! (2016). Around 15 years ago, this restaurant in Sanpete… Read More

Doug Tales 23: I Was Going to Learn Something New!

Can you learn something—anything—different from what you already know if you don’t believe anything could be different from what you already know? What if you visit a medical doctor who shows you a healing device you had never… Read More