Month: February 2024

Doug Tales 159: Spiritual Shielding, Part Seven

Doug Mendenhall often used the emotion of gratitude for our Savior when he did spiritual work, like creating shields. Jesus Christ is the fount of all such good things, and as Doug showed with his life, our remembering… Read More

Doug Tales 158: Spiritual Shielding, Part Six

Another dictionary definition of a shield is “a broad piece of armor, varying widely in form and size, carried apart from the body, usually on the left arm, as a defense against swords, lances, arrows, etc.” Notice the… Read More

Doug Tales 157: Spiritual Shielding, Part Five

We can—and should—ask Jesus Christ for shielding of ourselves and where we live and have stewardship over. Doug Mendenhall shares experiences where spiritual shielding was effective and when it needed help in Conquering Spiritual Evil, Volume One (2012),… Read More

Doug Tales 156: Spiritual Shielding, Part Four

One standard definition of a shield is “a broad piece of defensive armor.” When we are involved in conquering spiritual evil, we need defensive tools for protection, such as shields. Doug Mendenhall shares some experiences shielding cars in… Read More