Month: March 2022

Doug Tales 59: Red Elk, Part One

Ten years ago, the Metis medicine man Red Elk (1942-2015) spoke in Sandy, Utah, with two others at a seminar sponsored by Doug Mendenhall. Doug encouraged attenders in emails sent to many people. Here is the one of… Read More

Doug Tales 58: Tendrils Up From Hell

What do curses look like spiritually, the kind of curses that come on a person who trusts in people over trusting in God? The scriptural term is “trusting in the arm of flesh.” Doug Mendenhall shared how such… Read More

Doug Tales 57: Cords and Bonds

Freedom from negative/dark cords and bonds is offered by our Savior Jesus Christ through our repentance and our forgiveness of others. Such freedom from negative connections to and from others is one of the many topics which Doug… Read More

Doug Tales 56: Negotiation

Doug Mendenhall was born on March 8, 1957, and would have celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday tomorrow, March 8, 2022. As a way of remembering him, today we’re re-posting Doug’s final post on this blog. “Negotiation” was originally posted… Read More