Month: March 2024

Doug Tales 163: Balance, Part Two

Are my actions in harmony—in balance—with my thoughts and feelings? Am I even aware of others trying to overtly and covertly manipulate my thoughts, feelings and actions? Or, when I am seeking to manipulate and exercise control over… Read More

Doug Tales 162: Balance, Part One

Doug Mendenhall shares ten traits of mental balance and eight traits of mental imbalance in I See…Awake! (2015), pp. 74-75, and every single one of them is based in things he himself and those close to him went… Read More

Doug Tales 161: Enlightenment, Part Two

What prevents us from being enlightened? Fear, and not being able to see in the dark. That is, we can see in the dark of this world and its chaos when we have Light within ourselves and not… Read More

Doug Tales 160: Enlightenment, Part One

Arrogance is one of those things we easily perceive in others but usually have a blind eye to it within ourselves. However, if we really want to conquer spiritual evil, we must humbly look inside with Christ’s guidance… Read More