Month: September 2020

Right or Left?

It is my opinion that there is no right and left in our nation any longer.  There is only good and evil. If you are burning down cities, towns, buildings, cars, or others property, you are evil.  If… Read More


Cords and bonds have been written about on this site and in the books. Today some wonderful women came by for some work. I ended up working on cutting cords and bonds. Doing this reminded me of something… Read More

Cherished Outcome

I had a very good friend come over yesterday. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so it was a very pleasant 150 minutes together. We both have daughters that are very gifted, which is a great thing… Read More

Vivid Dream?

There seem to be many women and men having dreams of the future that is coming like a freight train. If you are like me, you’ll get their videos in your inbox or wherever you receive media. My… Read More