Month: September 2021

Doug Tales 33: Smokey the Bear

Doug Mendenhall’s daughter Denise had a little stuffed bear which she called Smokey. She got the bear as a gift about a month after she began her recovery from a coma in 1999 (when she was ten years… Read More

Doug Tales 32: A Young Prophet

Who is stronger spiritually, the person who follows what someone else tells them is coming from God for them to do (but does not confirm the directions from God), or the person who follows what they know personally… Read More

Doug Tales 31: Paula’s Story

A number of people who Doug Mendenhall met in his life have been able to listen to him, but for many reasons, did not take any further steps with the knowledge he shared. Doug treated them with kindness… Read More

Afar Off

How far away is “afar off” in D&C 101:54? In the middle of that section about preparing for and gathering to Zion, the Lord gives a parable about seeing “the enemy while he was yet afar off,” making… Read More

Doug Tales 30: Full Price

All sorts of experiences prompted Doug Mendenhall to reflect on things of the spirit. Soon after his daughter’s near-death experience, he stopped at a store selling woven baskets, and made connections about his and our capacity—and willingness—to learn… Read More